Yearling is a fresh three piece pumping out unique pop tunes that will make you bob your head and tap your feet. The earnest songwriting will stir up feelings that range from being at the best party of your life, losing your virginity or that nagging melancholy that just wont leave you alone.


All the members of our group have distinct influences from different genres and decades of music. That said, we have come together to make music that gives a nod at the past yet, lives in the future. We tend to follow our hearts and ears, in an effort to make intelligent and passionate songs. We channel our influences into a sound that undeniably favours dreamy and powerful pop music, with a shade of shoe gaze. This is all done with the simple recipe of drums, bass, guitar, and a lot of singing. What sets us apart from other groups is that we know when to play and when to leave space in a song, we know when to be loud and when to be quite. We don't just write the same song ten different times and call it an album. Every tune is crafted to have it's own character.


Hazy Daisy

Written By: Jonathan Reynolds

It's new years day and you woke up on a hard wood floor with the door opened up and you.... must have left yourself while sleeping

sometimes on the walk home, distant figures, the moon is alone and I.... just stopped believing


Written By: Jonathan Reynolds

When I think about, the thing I steal.
All I know is that life isn't real.

Late night shopping, crying, flour, and thyme in the isle.
It's not a lot but you couldn't stop it even if its for a while.

Is it real
Are you real
Is it real
Is this real

I don't know