yearner babies

yearner babies

 Guildford, England, GBR

Yearner Babies played 14 festivals in '09 and were nominated for UK Festival Awards 'Critics Choice Award'. '10 will see the World/indie/folk 7pcs captivating story led songs and costume clad camaradery at even more festivals than 09 including Glastonbury and Standon Calling.


Acquiring their name from band founder Duncan Future's dream about being arrested for dealing drugs in his old school by a police woman called 'The Yearner Baby, the band played 14 festivals in '09 including the Main Stages of Secret Garden Party, Guilfest and Lounge On The Farm.

The bands onstage weaponry includes trombone, trumpet, violin and mean moves.

If that doesn’t get the crowd going the bands dramatic story-led songs about the characters of Yearnerland, character paintings and the possibility of an onstage visit mid-song by the characters themselves, such as 'Jonathan Livingston' the giant dancing seagull or Pablo the legendary Mexican villain of Yearnerland, always will!

The bands 10 date tour at the start of April will coincide with their single release to further elevate the bands momentum and hype before a full blooded summer of fun.


"Impressive ... Dizzee Rascal’s set stole the feel good factor award for the weekend, though Ladyhawke, Hadouken and Yearner Babies came close".
VIRTUAL FESTIVALS (review of Beach Break Live '09)

“The male and female vocalists both excelled on the mainstage…showing elation on their faces they commanded the whole area…I’ve not stopped singing ‘Icarus’ since…one to look out for".
MUSIC-ZINE.COM (review of Secret Garden Party)

Songs full of passion and energy...combines shape-throwing charisma with genuine singing talent. Worth missing Billy Childish for? Damn Yes".
(MUSO'S GUIDE (Review of Lounge On The Farm '09)

“bang whoosh scream in an instant ...the tempo goes through the ceiling I’m listening to the Bookhouse Boys spliced with the Melys, fronted by a gorgeous Hilary Swank new favourite band”
ART ROCKER.COM (Review of Upstairs at the Garage, November '09)

"A band that really grabs my ears"
FRED FELLOWES (Secret Garden Party, in The Independent)

"One day they are going to play on the mainstage at Glastonbury and just kill everybody there ... like the best of bands they have created their own world"
MIKE WALSH (Head of Music, XFM)


The Right Attitude To Rain

Written By: Duncan Swale

I’ve sailed upon this ship now
Through doldrums and through storms
She may have taken a battering
But I’m still not Forlorn
I’ve seen the many wonders
And I’ve had my fair share of falls
But there’s one thing that kept me going
Through the worst of them all

The Right Attitude To Rain

I’ve always stayed above deck
I’ve never gone below
The storms follow this galleon
Wherever it may go But I hear the wind in the sails
And I’ll steer it through the night
Cos I know the wind
Will push us forth
Til there’s land in sight

The Right Attitude To Rain

So when the heavens next open above you
And a storm it starts to form
Run outside and take it on its sure not to last too long
For those who run and hide their heads
When their world’s not bright
Will never be there to see the dark clouds open out to light


Meet The Yearners E.P (Feb 09),
Scheduled Single Release Dance England Dance/Icarus
(April '10)

Set List

Yearner Babies can easily play an hour of strong original material. A typical 45 minute Yearner Babies set would comprise the following songs...

1.Dance England Dance
2.The ballad of forever young
3. Love at first flight
4. The right attitude to rain
5. Mary (a public aplology)
6. Sister Ignatia
7. Icarus
8.The life and death of Pablo Escobar
9. The Ballad of Never knew