Year of the Bear

Year of the Bear

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

the intensity of waves crashing...the heart of subversive pop with soulful psychedelic noise


Representing a twenty year work-in-progress, YEAR OF THE BEAR officially embarked on their saga in the fall of 2011. Bassist Josh "The Bear" Browning had been in hibernation for a few years after spending almost a decade with the critically acclaimed Texas psychedelic band LIFT TO EXPERIENCE. The Bear played in a Texas shoegaze band called Carousel with Drummer Robby Rux along with early LIFT TO EXPERIENCE member Brian Smith in the early 90's as teens. Robby & his wife Jennifer Rux jammed with The Bear over the years but distance made it impossible to form a band. In "The Year of the Bear" (2011), the Ruxes approached the Bear about coming out of hibernation and moving to Fort Worth to form a band and record in their studio. Bear accepted the invitation, and Year of the Bear was born. They played their first show on 11/11/11.

Robby Rux's solid drumming, Josh Browning's inventive bass playing and Jen Rux's otherworldly combination of guitar and Theremin generate rich tunes marrying the heart of subversive pop with soulful psychedelic noise. Spending their careers working as sidemen on the projects of other folks, for the first time, Browning and the Ruxes also write the songs. The Audio Guru for (Label/Studio) Dreamy Soundz, Jen showcases an ear adept at dynamically layered rock. Forged by the intuition of true friendship, YEAR OF THE BEAR performs with the calming intensity of waves crashing. Their self-produced debut 7" record entitled "Super 8/That Violent Light" showcases their ability to create catchy, noisy darkwave tunes while feeling hopeful and melancholy at the same time. Their first full length LP 'Gold Rushin' has been mastered by TW Walsh (Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, Cold War Kids), and will be released on vinyl via Dreamy Soundz (US) and Follyphone Records (Europe) in February 2015.


1. Super 8/That Violent Light 7" released by Dreamy Soundz

2. "Room of Strangers" released by Lo-Life Rcordings on "Group Therapy Vol 1"

3. "Centra-Magic" released by Lo-Life Recordings on "Group Therapy Vol 2"