Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Year of the Dragon is a blistering punk metal outfit featuring Dirty Walt, a founding and current member of ska punk funk legends Fishbone! YOTD combines great and memorable songs with a blistering live show!


In the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is a symbol of strength and harmony. Not surprisingly the two leaders of Year of the Dragon, Roderick "Rodcore" Palmer, and Walter Adam Kibby, II AKA Dirty Walt, were born within days of each other under that sign.

Rodcore, has had various starts and stops with different incarnations of YOTD in the past between stints with other Los Angeles based bands, but it was not until Dirty Walt left the band that he co-founded and co-led for over twenty-five years, Ska-Punk-Funk legends Fishbone, along with fellow Fishbone solider guitarist Spacey T, that the seeds of the current YOTD were planted.

In 2006, the three recorded and self-released an EP, A Time To Love Is A Time To Bleed which received critical acclaim and sold well through the internet and at shows. Wanting to take things to the next level, Dirty Walt and Rodcore, put together a regular band and started gigging weekly around Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, capitalizing on Fishbone's loyal fan base and attracting new fans of their own with YOTD's own brand of hardcore with a funk groove and soulful tag team vocals.

Around this time, the band began a partnership with a start-up indie label, The International Brotherhood of Consequential Truth that would result in the brand new YOTD release, Blunt Force Karma, the band's first full-length. Now full partners in the label, which also released Dirty Walt's second solo record and first since leaving Fishbone, Still Smokin' earlier this year, YOTD controls their own destiny.



Written By: Lyrics by Kibby/Palmer, music by Richardson, Lawrence and Imes

All my life, I’ve always been in chains
Violent thoughts are all that fill my brain
Over-medication can’t stop the pain
Freedom fills my mind til I’m insane

Every day I see that line
That's how I know freedom, it will be mine
I gots to be ready
‘Cause I’m’a rock steady
I gots to be ready
‘Cause I’m’a rock steady

(CHORUS) You’ll never hold me (JAILBREAK!)
You can’t control me (JAILBREAK!)
Feet to the fire (JAILBREAK!)
Only one desire (JAILBREAK!)

Now’s the time I gotta make my move
Freedom awaits, I gotta boogie smooth
Nothin’ but walls and gates
If I reach that car I’ll be straight

Everyday they kick up dust
That's how I know freedom, it is a must
I gots to be ready
Cause I’m’a rock steady
I gots to be ready
Cause I’m’a rock steady

I will be free…yeah, I will be free…yeah, I will be free……


(Repeat CHORUS)

Freedom is mine...(ad lib out)


Written By: Lyrics by Kibby/Palmer, music by John Johnson and Tracey Singleton

A veil of pain
Has clouded up my brain
Trying to forget myself, I sip that potion
Hoping to forget this fear I feel, this dark emotion
Like a cancer deep inside of me, it eats away
At sleep I’m so uptight I’m up all night…until the day

CHORUS: Call all your children forth
Lift them to see
Fear is the demon that
Will not set them free

No one can hide
From what haunts them inside
They’re tryna find a way to, conceal their fears
From the people that they care for most, and all their peers
But no matter how hard you try to hide it’s in your face
How the darkness and the fear crept in, and found a space

(repeat CHORUS)



I lurk in your heart and your spirit--you want peace, but I can't let you near it (3x)


Written By: Lyrics by Kibby/Palmer, music by Richardson, Lawrence, Imes & Palmer

(CHORUS) Tonight’s the night we get loose
So fill up your cups with orange juice and grey goose
Jagermeister, Mary Jane, v-pills and a freak on da side
Tonight’s the night, ‘cause there ain’t no tomorrow

Tonight’s the night we gonna get stone free
Gonna touch the sky, baby you and me
We gone find what we find and see what we see (2x)
Baby you and me….

Tonight’s the night we gone break on through
Gonna tell you what is that we gone do
We gone to the heart of what is true (2x)
Baby me and you…

(repeat CHORUS)

We gonna party to the light of the rising sun
I think I need another shot, come on pour me one
Whatcha say, it might look like we are done
‘Cause the poundin’ in my head feels like an uzi and it weighs a ton

Gone keep on going til the very end
Won't change my mind no I won't bend
Tryna hide how I feel behind the drink and smoke
Hittin' blunts all day til I cough and I choke
Cause I don't know who I am, you see
So tough in world when you wanna be free

(repeat CHORUS, lines 1-4)

Bridge: No time for sorrow
You pay, you play
There’s no tomorrow
When you’re still trapped in today
The weak will fall
The strong will stay
There’s no tomorrow
When you’re still trapped in today

(repeat CHORUS)


Written By: Lyrics by Kibby/Palmer, music by Tracey Singleton

CHORUS: Why in the f*&k are you takin' me there
All the sh*t you're poppin', I just don't care

Who I am...I'm a bad man comin'
Machine is clean and the engine is hummin'
Ready for the flag to drop--this is my day

Fear is not option, success is all I seek
Giving my best, anything less is weak
I'll carve out my own destiny--as I find my way

All I ask is that you try as you might
To understand who I am, not fuss and fight
'Cause I can't change, no matter what you might do or say...

CHORUS: Why in the f*&k are you takin’ me there
All the sh*t you're poppin’, I just don’t care

What I seek…is some peace of mind
But when I come home from work sometimes that’s hard to find
You’re talkin’ bad about the things that I’m trying to do

I can gather my strength so I can fight the world
But it’s a sad state of affairs when I have to fight my girl
When she knows when I win, then she gets to share in it too

You’re always in my ear tryin’ to break me down
Messin’ with my spirit when you start to clown
It just makes want to throw the middle finger straight at you

(repeat CHORUS)

Bridge: F*&K YOU

Leave me be…with the shit you’re talkin’
You got me at the door, where I will be walkin’
Far from you and all the madness filling up your head

Off into the sunset into a better day
I got the will to find another way
Stay in the moment to stave away the fear and the dread

One to the two to the three to the four
Watch me walkin’ as I’m out the door
Don’t know what the future holds in store
But I won’t take sh*t not one minute more
Just think of me of someone once alive but now dead

(repeat CHORUS)

Yeah...F*&K YOU!


Written By: Lyrics by Kibby/Palmer, music by Roderick Palmer, Tracey Singleton & John Montgomery


Friend in the mornin'...I'm a fiend who's my friend in the mornin'...

It's causin' all this pain, fryin' up my brain like a fart against a flame, propane....okay
Got me goin' straight insane, ah yeah, it's that little white devil cocaine
Tryna get a hit, wish that I could quit but I'm stuck on this shit like a baby on the tit
Got all my hopes and dreams slain, ah yeah, it's that little funky devil cocaine

Afternoon pick-up, I'm a fiend for my afternoon pick-up

Tha cee to tha oh to tha cee to tha ay eye en ee
Spells empty, that why I never think that I'll be free
From my mistakes and pains, ah yeah, it's that li'l white devil cocaine

My stomach's turnin', my nose is burnin',
Tryna chase a dream, focused like a laser beam
My life’s like a runaway train because of that li'l funky devil cocaine
You want to be my bitch? You keep fuckin’ with the wrong shit...

My soul is lost, and I don't know what to do
Demons live in me, nothing left to lose and even less to gain
Because of that li'l funky devil they call cocaine

Broke this evening, almost dead
In the gutta bleedin' from my head
Zombies feedin' from my head
Will I die this evenin'...


Written By: Lyrics by Kibby/Palmer, music by Roderick Palmer, Tracey Singleton & John Montgomery

(Ad lib intro)

Bredren, I want to tell you something
This life’s not always what it seems
So don’t go chasing paper phantoms
Or smoky inebriated dreams

CHORUS: Please I Self,
See I Self,
Believe in I Self,
Need I Self,
Treat I Self,
Teach I Self,
Lift I Self,
Empower Self!!

If you live this life for something
Lift up yourself to be free
Open your heart unto the spirits
Your third eye open wide to see

Don’t have to answer to the laws of man
My mission is bigger, just trying to understand
The wisdom of God’s grace

Don’t have to live to impress no others
Just want to uplift my sistas and brothas
Before we leave this place



A TIME TO LOVE IS A TIME TO BLEED (e.p. released 2006)
BLUNT FORCE KARMA (full length album, released 2009)

Set List

Slow Ya Roll
Race To Doom
Blunt Force Karma
No Tomorrow
Open Up Your Eyes
Uncle Bud
Simple Man
I Am Your Darkness