Ye Banished Privateers

Ye Banished Privateers


Ye Banished Privateers be inspired by bastardized irish folk, high sea shanties, Scandinavian ballads of the frosen north, plays and court protocols of the pirate era – everything poured into a cracked and homemade 17th century punk mold.



Ye banished Privateers, be ye twelve man strong pirate band from Sweden. Inspired by traditional Irish and Swedish folk music, medieval ballads and modern punk rock attitude, combined with lyrics from ye high seas, Ye Banished Privateers be an act like no other I tell yea. Expect a show that leaves no sense unharmed. Let yer nostrils be filled with ye scents o ye old salt - burned tar, gun powder, sweat and fish. Let yer eyes witness proper floggin’, a well deserved drowning, an un called for guttin’ and a most spectacular hanging. Let yer ears go deaf by the sound of crackling rifles and angry shouts of a mob thirstin fer blood as our bosun lets ye cat dance on ye deck hand’s back. Expect to have yer skin shiver from the touch of a dead, wet ship’s cat, and have yer wits about you and be prepared to duck or ye will have to taste ye rotten fish as ye band sings out of key. Be ready fer Ye Banished Privateers!


Songs and Curses (2012)