Yelka is a tall red head lass who loves singing songs about all things hormonal. She is often accompanied by Joel as her Security blanket and together they create heart-wrenching sounds which have been known to make men weep. The use of Soft dulcet vocal tones and the subtle synth creates magic.


Yelka Ishmakovich has been alive for twenty years, and she's been singing for nearly as long. By the time she was fourteen, singing alone was not enough, and she started playing guitar and writing songs too.
Yelka’s charmingly imperfect voice hovers gorgeously throughout minimal acoustic-based arrangements, gleaming with lyrical and instrumental hooks. Her slightly coy, yet genteel performances barely mask an artistic maturity well beyond her years.

In 2008, Yelka became the only soloist to date to reach the finals of the fifteen-year-old statewide Push Start battle of the bands competition, which landed her with the Push Start APRA Song Writer's award.

Following this delightful win, Yelka enamored audiences and judges alike at The 2008 Queenscliff Music Festival’s Foot In The Door competition, picking up first prize in the Acoustic category. 2009 has seen Yelka support artists at The Thornbury Theatre, The Northcote Social Club, and play her own packed-out headline show at Manchester Lane.

She has since been working diligently on developing her material for her debut EP release, which will be an accumulation of all her songwriting efforts thus far. Peppered with self-made words (‘Yelkaby’) and nonsense syllables, Yelka’s songs invite singalongs and infectious smiles. And in the same breath, Yelka delivers searingly personal renditions of love lost, gained and shared with friends. It’s no wonder this young songbird is receiving comparisons to hitmakers Norah Jones and Corinne Bailey Rae.


Old People

Written By: Yelka Ishmakovich

I walk these walls I tell tall tales,
How did I end up in here?
I mask these tears I cry false tears some attention, attention would be nice you hear?

Please don't stay here or you'll end up like us.
Please don't stay here..

I have a young boyfriend but I, I am 80 years old.
Yesterday was 40, that's when life begins I am told.

So please don't stay here or you'll end up like us,
Please don't stay here.

I don't have a password and damned if I have a key.
I don't have a password and damned if I have a key.

Out of Time

Written By: Yelka Ishmakovich

It's like the feel of the wind when it touches my face.
It's like the soft of the Sand when I'm walking away.
It's all I think about, and I like to dream.
It's all I want to feel.

The clock struck seven it was time to breathe.
and all I felt were my hands just trembling.
I tapped at the keyboard, twenty thousand times.
All I asked for was honesty.

I wouldn't want to pressure your heart in the meantime.
Want to pressure your heart.
Please settle my waiting mind,
if you don't you'll run Out of Time
I'll have to wait a while.

So it goes another night unanswered.
It's 11pm and I'm just pondering.
Seems I missed my chance again.
I'll wait a little more.

I wouldn't want to pressure your heart in the meantime.
Want to pressure your heart.
Please settle my waiting mind,
if you don't you'll run Out of Time
I'll have to wait a while.

It's time that I moved on
It's time I forgot all I'd known.
It's time that I moved on.

Ticket to Park

Written By: Yelka Ishmakovich and Joel Williams

Sun Rises but you wouldn't know it from looking out the window
Clouds stretch away.
Rain falls down on my head like a realisation
It's gonna be one of those days.
It's gonna be one of those days.

And another one and another one I didn't think I really deserved.
Just like the other ones, the total count now extends out in to the absurd.
Well my spirit is weak but there's words to be spoken cause my windshield's cracked and my wipers are broken.
The ink from the paper's running red on the glass that's the colour that is gonna be your guts for garters.

Hey there mr ticket inspector look at what you've got now does it make you feel better?
With your blue shirt and your black tie,
and your weapon of choice by your side.

You're just like a bomb threat,
two hour count down on the clock'll never stop until you drop.

Living life in molecular form
single celled existence is better than yours.
You caught me out once, you caught me out twice, you caught me out six not seven but eleven and

I tried to
I tried to keep my cool.


We are currently recording our debut EP which is due for release in February 2010.
We have released a Preview CD which consists of 3 songs two of which will be on the EP.
Our tracks are being streamed on our myspace.
Local radio stations are starting to get on board with us and will start rotating our songs in the next coming weeks.
Other songs can be found on or

Set List

Our typical set list consists of:
1. Cat Faced Almond.
2. Old People.
3. Soldier.
4. Out of Time.
5. Yelkaby.
6. Little one.
7. Distance Please.
8. Ticket to Park.
1. Pokerface-Lady Gaga. (this can be heard on myspace)
2. Doesn't matter anymore-Buddy Holly.
3. Bette Davis Eyes-Kim Carnes.
4. Summer Time- George Gershwin.