Yella Gyrl

Yella Gyrl

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

I am the voice of the streets from a female's perspective. Whatever I sing and rap; I am livin' it! There's no gimmicks during this show! "I am not a Barbie doll, I am not a sex symbol... I am a Rapper! I get it cranked and am the #1 "LIFE OF THE PARTY!"


Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas; Yella Gyrl is the eldest of 7 siblings. At an extremely young age she was forced to grow up fast, bypassing the experiences of a normal childhood. While her mother hustled out in the streets, Yella Gyrl faced an overwhelming amount of responsibly while caring for her younger siblings. As a child, dramatic events were a normal part of Yella Gyrl’s daily life. She experienced lots of pain; from her 15 year old sister losing her fight against cancer to routine drug raids with DEA agents kicking in their doors!

She faced so many confusing issues in her life. With all of the drama and poverty around her, Yella Gyrl says she suffered from low self-esteem along with the pressing need to provide for her siblings. Yella Gyrl knew no other way, at the time, but to hustle to get money in order for her siblings to eat and survive! While hustling in the projects of Dallas/Fort Worth, she loss a childhood friend to violence and sought revenge for her friend’s death. She lived recklessly, hard and took pride in not caring about who she hurt to get what she wanted and needed to make a better life for her loved ones!

After years of running the streets and hustling, the law caught up to her! She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and drug charges, senting her to prison!
While in prison, she met many people who challenged her tough exterior and many who embraced it. While in prison, she vowed to not follow in her mother’s footsteps by learning from her past experiences.

Following her release from prison, Yella Gyrl teamed up with Natasha Reed, CEO of Jazzy Lady Entertainment, Promotions and Management. As Yella Gyrl pursued her music career, Jazzy Lady played a positive role in her life. Initially, she found it difficult to accept “unconditional” love from anyone. Netasha “Jazzy Lady” was persistent and eventually taught her to look at life In a whole new light. She learned that she is lovable, and began to see herself as a good person with a huge future ahead of her! Yella Gyrl began her journey and begun to love herself and to be a better woman.

As tears flowed down her glowing cheeks, Yella Gyrl says, “I don’t know where I’d be without my music family.” She so clearly expresses in her lyrics, “Can’t save nobody if I am not good, taking care of everybody but me.” This was a profound revelation to her dependency to take care and protect her siblings.

Yella Gyrl’s musical inspirations are first and foremost, Missy Elliot, Lauren Hill, E. Badu, Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosia. She is inspired by God and her daughter, Jordan.

On December 6, 2011, Yella Gyrl’s life flashed before her eyes when she was in a near fatal car accident! Devine intervention; once again, proved God’s hands were on her as her car flipped 3 times, landing her in the hospital with just a simple scratch on her nose! This nerve wrecking accident brought her closer to God, her Mother and her guardian angel. Due to this accident, Yella Gyrl says that her biggest life lesson is, “to love life cause you never know when it’s going to be over and to make sure everyone is happy including myself.”

Today, Yella Gyrl’s focused on her bright future; as a successful female rap Artist with a personal goal is to become a radio personality and give back to youth. Yella Gyrl’ started an outreach organization named, “I Am My Sister Keeper” which offers mentoring, food and clothing drives. Yella Gyrl wants her fans to view her as a real voice who raps about real things. She is inspired to know that her fans can grow with her as she progresses. She is true to indie (independent) music with no gimmicks, and to remain the life of the party! Yella Gyrl passionately stated, “I am not a Barbie doll, I am a rapper!”

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