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"Yell County - A Real Fine Hole Review"

Yell County is a 3 piece garage rock band hailing from the Washington DC area but borrowing their name from the county that lead singer and guitarist Joel Maupin grew up, located in Arkansas. On May 19th 2008 the trio released their debut album A Real Fine Hole which consists of 10 songs of all original material.
A Real Fine Hole can be described as a coarse sound with gritty guitar chords and meat & potatoes drums. It's a very uncomplicated sound however there's still something to sink your teeth into. The tunes are full of snappy clever rhythms that make the entire disc very easy to listen to. Each song holds its own with Joel Maupin belting out the lyrics and although he may not be the best singer, his voice goes perfectly with this music. As I stated before, the disc is full of original material although when listening to song #7 Led Zeppelin Says you will hear a very familiar hook borrowed from the great Zeppelin.
The group bravely decided to self release this disc choosing to hold total control of their music and not having to deal with label BS. They also, whether on purpose or not, didn't overproduce the songs as they all remain raw and a little ruff around the edges which in this day and age is refreshing. The disc speeds by whisking through the 10 songs in around 30 minutes.
Nice job Yell County as I believe A Real Fine Hole is a real fine disc.
- AntiMusic

"Yell County - "A Real Fine Hole" cd (no label)"

This is one of those records that appeared from out of nowhere and instantly passed the "does it grab me in 30 seconds" test - and by instantly, I mean within the first five seconds! Musically, they remind me a lot of hometown faves, the Young Sportsmen, giving us a solid set of catchy, high-octane power pop that has an endless supply of hooks and doesn't let up for anything (except for the couple seconds of silence separating each song). This trio hails from DC, though their primary songwriter/singer grew up in the south, which definitely comes through in the vocals and a songwriting style that seems to evoke Superdrag as much as the Jam. And as energetic as the music is, the lyrics are equally charged, filled with anger and contempt towards many of today's problems (and problem-makers), but without ever coming off as political. But they're also not without a sense of humor: particularly the lyrics and copped riffs in "Led Zeppelin Says". I know this is one of the scores of thousands of bands that will fall through the massive cracks and be ignored by the majority, but I just hope that they persevere, as they'll always have a fan over here... MTQ=10/10 - Indie Pages

"Yell County 'a real fine hole'"

Yell County - A Real Fine Hole (Independently released CD, Rock/pop)
Cool, catchy, upbeat pop/rock played with plenty of genuine inspiration. The press released that accompanied this disc compared The Yell to The Kinks and The Who...but in our minds this Washington, D.C. trio sounds even more like a modern updated American take on The Jam. The songs on A Real Fine Hole feature big fat fuzzy guitars, throbbing danceable rhythms, and nice clean vocals. These tunes are so catchy and upbeat that it didn't dawn on us until several spins later...that the lyrics are the only weak link. This band writes some incredible pop songs. If they can come up with lyrics to match the intensity of their music...they will most surely have a totally winning combination. Even taken as is, Hole is a great big fall of power pop fun that doesn't require anything more than simply turning it up and letting 'er rip. Top picks: "Buried Standing Up," "We're History Now," and "Gonna." (Rating: 4+++)

"YELL COUNTY "A Real Fine Hole""

Stylistically, Yell County, a D.C. trio, comes from a similar place as Julie Ocean. The band's debut, "A Real Fine Hole," purveys airy harmonies, catchy choruses and tight arrangements, albeit with '70s boogie underneath. ("Led Zeppelin Says" even borrows a hook from Jimmy Page.) Singer-guitarist Joel Maupin's raspy vocals and a powerful rhythm section push the sound toward harder rock, but there's more Husker Du than heavy metal in such shout-along standouts as "Hide." - Washington Post


'a real fine hole'
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Currently recording 2nd full length album at Airshow Studios in Takoma Park, MD with the incredible Frank Marchand at the helm.



Yell County is Joel Maupin (guitar/vocals), Arthur Noll (bass) & Alex DeSeabra (drums). Alex played in the seminal D.C. bands Hyaa! and Dizzy Dizzy. Arthur was in the gutter-pop outfit Vanity Champ, and currently moonlights with Kid Congo Powers. Phoebus Spiliotopoulos is a son of a Greek diplomat. Way back in high school Phoebus created Freakbaby. And who else was in Freakbaby? Dave fucking Grohl. Joel simply crawled out from under a rock.

'a real fine hole' is Yell County's first release. The album is 10 songs clocking in at less than 30 minutes. The boys have decided to release it themselves; in effect committing commercial suicide, but they value their independence. What you first notice about Yell County on a real fine hole is their melodic but gritty power pop playing against Joel's often caustic lyrics. Yell County sounds buoyant and bristles with energy, but something serious is seething under the surface. Joel refers to the Yell County sound as "uplifting bitterness".

In case you’re wondering, Yell County is a real county in Arkansas, and Joel grew up there, crafting his altogether anachronistic prattle and plotting revenge. Despite his hillbilly twang, he grew up listening to The Jam, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, et al., and responds to requests for Freebird with fisticuffs.