Yellowcake drew inspiration for their name from President Bushes' Jan. 2003 State of the Union address, where Bush lied about Iraq seeking Yellowcake Uranium. The Debut Bush-Bashing CD from Yellowcake is available now at Visit the band website at


YELLOWCAKE Rock Band Assaults Bush/Cheney

The debut album from Yellowcake titled "Since You Ruined The Earth" is an all out audio assault on the Bush/Cheney administration. Yellowcake wrote, arranged, and recorded the 10 song CD and accompanying artwork without record label assistance over a 9-month period. The cover art looks like a 3-dimensional cartoon featuring a plastic George Bush doll outfitted in naval aviator flight suit giving a mighty thumbs up in front of a crashed Apache helicopter in the desert. Fires burn in the distance, and a plastic soldier lays face down in the sand. This hard-edged protest album is thick with lyrical sledgehammers directed squarely at the Bush administration. Yellowcake drew inspiration for their name from President Bushes’ January 2003 State of the Union address (President Bush claimed intelligence reports indicated an Iraqi effort to procure yellowcake uranium from Niger Africa. The CIA and IAEA established the papers as crude forgeries almost a year earlier. The CIA warned the White House not to use the false claim in the State of the Union address. The scare tactic of insinuating that Iraq had a nuclear program helped garner support for the march to war with Iraq.)
Doug Ackman, lead vocalist for the band is accustomed to working on the other side of the recording studio glass, his day job being chief recording engineer of a project studio that serves Chicago area talent.
Ackman shares responsibility for guitar and bass parts throughout the album with lead guitarist Andy Bachar, and Ackman points out that "Bachar did the heavy lifting when it comes to guitar textures. He’s also a whiz kid with any technology you throw at him. Andy is responsible for the totally switched-on images that make up the CD booklet. We had as much fun with that as we did with the music. The whole production was created on the Apple Macintosh G4 computer. No loops- we played everything you hear.".
Brad Schlueter, an exceptional drummer whose articles appear in drum magazines internationally, provides the foundation of Yellowcakes’ groove. Schlueter enjoys a deserved reputation as an excellent drum instructor at arguably the finest drum and percussion store in the Chicago area- the Drum Pad (Palatine, IL.).
Joe Gross lends his extraordinary trumpet skills as guest artist on two of the songs on the CD. Joe served in the United States Army from 1995-2003. Joe was a top-notch trumpeter in the United States Military Academy Band (based out of West Point, New York) performing big band jazz for national and international dignitaries. In addition to his role as a brilliant musician in the military, Joe performed general military duties, supervision duties as a non-commissioned officer, and inventory duties as a supply sergeant. Joe Gross states, "Since voting in my first election, I have always considered myself a Republican-leaning independent, and have never voted for a Democrat for President. In 2004, for the very first time, I will be voting a straight Democratic ticket. The Bush administration is against everything America stands for. It is anti-democracy, anti-freedom, anti-civil liberties, and anti-freedom of speech and expression. And don’t think for a second that the multi-national corporations who control the administration’s agenda owe one ounce of loyalty to the United States. They are destroying our wealth, world leadership, diplomacy, and quality of life as you read. An administration full of people who shirked their military duties when it was their time to serve is now sending the brave men and women in the US military, with whom I was so privileged to serve for 7 1/2 years, into harms way, under absolutely false pretenses. These same people call those who disagree with their policies unpatriotic. All they need to do to see truly unpatriotic people is to look in the mirror."
Doug Ackman says "I wrote the first song purely for selfish reasons- as a way of coping with the frustration I felt with the direction Bush was taking us. The right wing spin machine was in full gear with Bushes’ march to war with Iraq, and anyone who questioned their policies was ridiculed as being unpatriotic. It was such an un-American response to an attempt to have a serious debate and a national dialog over the decision to rush into war. I think they sensed that if reasonable people were allowed to view the bogus rationale for going to war in the light of day, then the game would be up. So Bush stopped discussing, pulled out the UN weapons inspectors that were doing their job on the ground in Iraq, and went straight to war. No hesitation. He’s extremely brave with other peoples’ blood. When 10 million people around the world protested the war, Bush said that he doesn’t base his decisions on focus groups. Ten million people –that’s one hell of a large focus group. Just how many people does it take to even register as a blip on the radar screen with this guy? Bush is clearly not


America, You Need A New President

Written By: D. Ackman

You don’t listen that much to the radio
You don’t turn on the news
You don’t think about all the politics
Pretend there’s nothing to lose
Sooner or later you find that things aren’t working out
No matter how hard you try
It’s time to go look for a job again
It’s time to re-apply

It’s never ever been more evident
America- you need a new president
It’s never ever been more evident
America- you need a new president

You didn’t notice the way we pushed into war
You didn’t notice the lies
You didn’t notice the players getting rich
While soldiers pay with their lives
You didn’t notice the contracts already signed
Almost a year in advance
From all the big wartime profiteers
Before we went to the dance

It’s never ever been more evident
America- you need a new president

Give It To The Rich

Written By: D. Ackman

Motherfucker wouldn’t sign Kyoto Treaty- what a pity
Rolling back environmental regulations- pretty shitty
Bring ‘em on cowboy! Their blood- your guts
You know how to solve it- Tax cut! Tax cut!

Give it to the rich – Give it to the right

Spending like drunken sailors- reading from the cue cards
Mention GOD three times- twist your mouth, blowhard
Halliburton isn’t hurtin’ for the big dollars
Pushing our people into terrorist waters

Give it to the rich – Give it to the right

What’s the big secret from energy meetings?
Why you keep it quiet unless you know you’ve been cheating?
Iraq and 9/11 is a little misleading
Fat cats gotta keep feed- feed- feeding

Give it to the rich – Give it to the right

Two thousand dollars a plate for dinner
Winning the war and punishing sinners
Do you feel GOD-like striking your pose?
I can smell Bullshit-- Everypne knows

Give it to the rich – Give it to the right

Under A Texas Sun

Written By: Doug Ackman

Under a Texas sun where Bullshit bakes
Jr. got his rise
Under a Texas sun their chosen one grew
Comfortable with lies
When Jr. sobered up he filled his cup with
Energy to spare
His very name –his claim to fame he aimed to
Save the millionaires

Under a Texas sun
Where you belong
Back to your Texas home so
So long

I think I see a crash and burning Bush
Judgement day’s arrived
The bloom is off this Texas rose- it shows a
Waste of soldiers lives
There are those who’d follow you to hell
Applauding all the way
I wasn’t raised an imbecile- I hope they
Throw you out today

Under a Texas sun
Where you belong
Back to your Texas home so
So long

It’s time you get back to baking your brains and spending all that money you stole fucker


Yellowcake's Debut Album titled "Since You Ruined The Earth"

Set List

1. America, You Need A New President
2. So Here We Are
3. Betrayal
4. You Met With Energy
5. It's Already Started
6. Freedom
7. Come Election Day
8. Give It To The Rich
9. Since You Ruined Yhe Earth
10. Hypnotize A Republican
11. Imagine
12. Give Peace A Chance