Bournemouth, England, GBR

Black Keys Blues and Led Zepellin Folk, smashed together with howlin' vocals and tribal beats. Yellowgroove pulse with vitality and emotion with a live performance that'll have you reeling, as feet stomp, hair flings from side to side and cymbals crash. A band that don't like to sit still.


A day of piercing sunlight and screaming gulls on the Jurassic Coast, a vintage Les Paul with only 4 strings and a rock full of fossils were where Yellowgroove was born. Summer 2008 was a good one…

Cutting their teeth in the time-honoured fashion of sweat, roaring amps and claustrophobic music venues, Yellowgroove grew from the ground up. The band’s efforts began to flourish as they journeyed from gig to gig across the south coast, their folky blues-rock grooves licking the ladle of Led Zeppelin, Cream and the Black Keys.

“Rampaging through pop-length tunes with a style and panache that sets them apart from many of the rest of the live acts around”.
Listed Magazine – Tim Heywood

The ‘groove’s down-to-earth approach went hand in hand with an eco-ethos, which was proudly paraded when the band were revealed on a wider stage at the Isle of Wight Festival 2010, arriving in particular style on a rickety sailboat. Their veggie-fat-powered van, with an A-team style yellow groove painted around its chassis, beat a stomping path behind them on the ferry.

London based producers The Animal Farm soon cottoned on to the band’s unique howl, and invited Yellowgroove to their studio. After a roller-coaster week of burning midnight oil, the band emerged with three soulful singles ready to be unleashed upon the Isles.

“A penetrative, retro, and surprisingly hypnotic sound”
Bournemouth Echo’s – Sarah Cartlidge

“A rock force to be reckoned with”
Live Music Scene – Jodie Humphries


Son of a Working Man - airplay on Hope FM

San Francisco Bay, These Times - airplay on Hope FM, Somer Valley FM, BBC Introducing