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Modern pop-rock, harmony-driven, powerful melodies. Cherrybomb formed in 2000. Frontwomen Jenny Galt and Vicky Sjohall dish up killer melodies and harmonies with powerful vocals, as on their latest recording, "Living Room Sessions," produced in part by Craig Northey (Odds), and JMP (Todd Kerns).


“Why am I ashamed of all those years that I have wasted, trying to make it on my own.” Yellow Light - “Breathing In”

Sometimes you just realize that it might be in your best interests to have a partner in crime: Laverne & Shirley, Thelma & Louise…. history is filled with famous duos.

Jenny Galt and Vicky Sjohall started out their music careers in similar fashions, the standard haul your acoustic down to the coffee shop routine. After toiling away separately in relative frustration while trying to write songs and get noticed as solo artists, they happened to end up at the same open mic night one fateful evening in their hometown of Vancouver. As
things worked out, Vicky ended up sharing the stage with Jenny and performing harmonies on several of her tracks without ever having met her before. The instant chemistry was obvious and in short order they were writing songs together.

Fast forward to a few years later and after an exceptional amount of work and writing, Yellow Light are poised to release their album “Speed Of Light”. The years in between have been a journey which is characterized most by their unwavering faith in the fact that no matter what happens, the two of them need to be writing music together. However, Vicky and Jenny aren’t the same person. Not even close.

Each brings to the table an individual approach to songwriting. Where Jenny chooses to start the writing process by unleashing her emotion on the key- or fret board and then writing lyrics, Vicky often employs her talents as wordsmith first before picking up her guitar. Together they blur the lines to build dynamic and heartfelt songs.

“We definitely help each other complete songs,” says Vicky.

And sentences.

“We’re both good at different things,” interposes Jenny, who picked out her first piece on the piano when she was only four-years-old. “Vicky focuses on detail – counter melodies, things to fill in all the corners. I’m more concerned with the bigger picture – chord progressions and the like. Vicky is the emotional one, where I am more…”

“The voice of reason,” offers Vicky, with a laugh. “We really are as close as two girls can get without being sisters.”

“Speed Of Light” was recorded in Vancouver during 2003/2004 and produced by Yellow Light with Jay Evjen (Todd Kerns) and Craig Northey (The Odds). During this time they’ve managed to keep together one of Vancouver’s longest running residencies on Wednesday nights at The Arts Club. They’ve performed for thousands of people over the past several years and are now anxious to release their album. “We’re both so happy with this album and I don’t know that it would have been possible without the other person’s involvement” says Vicky.
With the release of “Speed of Light” this spring, you can expect to see a lot of Yellow Light. They will continue to play in Vancouver and just like many famous duos before them, they’ll be hitting the road. Look for Yellow Light this summer as they embark on tour in support of “Speed of Light.”

Contact: Jenny Galt 604-710-8410


Speed of Light - coming in May 2006

Living Room Sessions 2003
Instant Gratification 2002
cherrybomb 2001

Set List

Drug You
What I Am
I Am Waiting
Speed of Light
Sold Out
Modestly Speaking
Failure Maker
Breathing In
Over & Over
What Will Be