YellowLine Music

YellowLine Music

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandEDMNew Age

A range of textural & moody sounds, best consumed via headphones and a willingness to drift - or coupled with moving images (hint, hint film makers in need of soundtrack material)


It is 1993, Brian Ackley is finding out that the rest of Seattle is much less keen on bands
oriented towards The Church, The Go Betweens, and Love and Rockets now that grunge has
offically consumed the national media. A roommate who becomes a band mate introduces him
to the Sub Pop release of “Prison” - Steve Fisk’s music under Steven Jesse Bernstein’s spoken
word. Over the next year & a half he becomes hooked on the textures of Curve, the spaced
out grooves of pre- Urban Hymns The Verve, the psilocybin-rich grooves of Sky Cries Mary,
and groups outside of Seattle making “ambient” music like Future Sound of London, Spacetime
Continuum, Single Cell Orchestra.
Brian has been a full time member of Seattle group Half Light since ~ 2004, and continues
to create & perform with this great crew of musicians. Rock music is a lot of fun to play live
- but it turns out it’s also highly rewarding to write tracks that are best vibed on via a properly
calibrated head-space & a good pair of headphones. After countless dead-end “side projects”
meant to focus on pursuing such a goal, YellowLine Music was conceived as a playground to
pursue these types of experiments. For the more ambient and less group-oriented ideas, the
album “TransIterate” has been coalescing over the last 3 years bit by bit.
Now that the debut album has been realized, future efforts will include collaborations with
past band-mates & musical peers, and when the opportunity arises - indie film soundtrack


TransIterate - 2010