Yellow Minnow

Yellow Minnow


Minneapolis based Yellow Minnow has a style rooted in funk, rock and hip hop with hints of jazz and improvisation. What sets this group apart is their vocal harmonies, catchy original songs with tightly woven compositions, a funky rhythm section and dual guitars.


Minneapolis based Yellow Minnow has a sound rooted in rock, jam, funk, blues and jazz. The band adds a dash of hip-hop and improvisation to complete their sound. Yellow Minnow has been influenced by many various types of music and groups. G Love, John Scofield, Medeski Martin & Wood, Galactic and Phish are just a few of the enormous number of influences. Ryan and Jeff trade rhythm and lead guitar and also provide vocals with harmonies. With Jesse on drums and Ken on bass, the rhythm section anchors the Yellow Minnow sound.

An immediate musical connection was developed between Ryan and Jeff in 1997 when the two met while attending college in St. Cloud, MN. Since then, they have been involved with various musical projects, such as the Mankato based band The Sideways, who "brought music back" to Patrick's in St. Peter, MN (2000). They were also well received at St. Peter’s Rock Bend Festival. Following the breakup of The Sideways, Ryan and Jeff met Ken (2003), whos funky bass style meshed with the music they were writing. The trio met Jesse (2006). His artistic drumming style was a great addition, which completed the group.

With a growing fan base, Yellow Minnow is seeking new performance venues in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. The band is driven by a desire to spread infectious grooves through their unique sound.


Set List

Sets consist of 70% original material and also covers from such acts as: Ween, Stevie Wonder, G. Love, The Meters, Curtis Mayfield and others.