Yellow Number 5

Yellow Number 5


:::::Music at it's finest::::: Yellow Number 5's perfect balance between rock and roots are sure to play music to anyones ears. Taking from the likes of Wilco, The Old 97's, and Johnny Cash. ::::Welcome to YN5::::


Don't be fooled by Yellow No. 5's 2004 Midwest Entertainment Music Association nomination for Best Country Band. Most who follow the band don't think of Yellow No. 5 as a "country" band. However, YN5. is from the Midwest and they don't try to hide it...
Taking from the likes of Wilco, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Johnny Cash, The Old 97's, and adding a
pinch of bluegrass, the stories of life in the American Heartland tend to create a sound that is
just as rootsy as it is refined.

The YN5 experience is birthed just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. The five-piece group spends a great deal of its time self-producing and recording songs in their own home studio. When you find them out playing live, you'll find a band with energy, a purpose, and a solid roots-based following. You might also catch them on the Kansas City radio station, 90.1 FM KKFI, or one of many internet radio

YN5 is currently booking dates for late Winter
and Spring 2005.


-Full Length Releases-
Recliner - 2000 Release
Mud Road Superstars - 2004 Release

-Short CDs or Compilation-
Amusement '98 - 1998 Release
YN5 Sampler - Multiple Releases in 2001 & 2002
Music From The Roadside Diner - 2003 Release
Trailer Tracks Studio Compilation - 2004 Release

Set List

setlist includes, but is not limited to, original songs from entire Artists catalog (see discography)