yellow sisters

yellow sisters

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... four hearts, four souls, four voices, four ways to share emotions and create music..... Yellow Sisters are sound illusionists… their music floats lightly between styles: jazz, soul, funk, RnB, reggae and world music......


Yellow Sisters is a female a cappella group which eclectic style lightly incorporates soul, funk, r´n´b, world music, jazz and even reggae. Yellow Sisters are four singers, four hearts, four vocals, four ways how to approach melody, rhytm, mood to create music. Singers met during a music project in Gambia. Their shared love for nature, Africa, and wild female soul gave rise to Yellow Sisters group in 2005.

Over the past five years, Yellow Sisters have performed in concert halls, theatres, clubs and also at various czech and international festivals in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweeden and Spain. Other significant achievements include an appearance in the BBC travel documentary of Michael Palin’s New Europe and a special invitation to Lopa Kothari's BBC Radio 3 programme in London, where they had a live concert on.


Albums: Singalana, Tubab Woman (due to be released in May 2010)

§ Awards: winners of the Colours of Ostrava new talent competition, leading to a recording contract with Indies Scope records