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Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada | SELF

Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Yellowteeth: Gets in Car"

This collection of songs is just what you need to kickstart your weekend or get you through a shitty day. Actually these songs could kickstart a dying heart or kill an aging one. Loud, raucous and talented as hell, YELLOWTEETH remind me of a killer band from back home, Monsterbator. Actually, those two bands would destroy a show together. This trio is one of many hardcore/punk/loud/gross/pop bands floating around Sackville, NB and if you live here, you owe it to yourself to go check out their next show. Hell, if you don’t live here, you should journey from wherever you are for the experience. Take twenty minutes out of your day and listen to these songs twice. - 365 days of albums

"Sackville Invasion"

Yellowteeth – Gets in Car

When Gets in Car turns its keys and starts its ignition, it immediately runs you over. The opening track, “Without a Groan”, is a sonic bulldozer, plowing, soaring and roaring throughout its two minute duration. The follow up, “Temporary Father”, quickly shows a more melodic side of the band, but maintaining the energy created by the opener. “Junior Varsity” features massive, pounding drums, as their vocalist growls “so you can get up, and suck in your gut to see me”. The gruff vocals and crunchy guitar tone gives this three piece a very grungy 90s sound, while Josee’s extremely skilled lead and solo work adding a rock groove, all wrapped up in a very unforgiving punk-rock feel. The EP next features the heavy instrumental “Psychedelic Rock”, and closes off nicely with “The Very Worst”, a hook heavy banger.

I think my favourite thing about Gets in Car is the fully developed feel to it, it’s rare to have a band’s first release sound this together, cohesive and interesting. Check the the link below to their bandcamp, and make sure to grab a physical copy if/when they’re available!
Favourite Tracks - Without a Groan, Temporary Father - You'll probably hate this


Gets in Car EP



Yellowteeth was formed out of frustration and the boredom of a small town summer. Four new friends and an empty shack on the outskirts of Sackville gave birth to a band that threatens to tear itself apart at any second. Nic Wilson, Evan Matthews, Josée Caron, and Kevin Brasier want to peel your skin off one layer at a time. They like 80's drone pop, kraut rock and Japanese metal; fort thunder noise pop and 60's vocal groups.