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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Band World Jazz


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"Terrazza 2007: Yemanja In Concerto"

Terrazza 2007: Yemanja In Concerto


Wednesday, 01/08/2007
Jazz, bossanova, samba e funk in riva al Po, venerdì 10 agosto

Nell'ambito delle iniziative organizzate dall'associazione Amici del Fiume per Terrazza 2007, un interessante concerto fra tradizione brasiliana, jazz e world music.

Musica come seta, ed atmosfere rarefatte da eterna domenica pomeriggio... Il duo australiano, formatosi a Brisbane, fonde con eleganza il jazz, la samba, la bossanova e il funk, dando al tutto un sapore world music originale. Il nome scelto Yemanja, è quello della divinità brasiliana del Mare, e lo sguardo al Brasile, terra d'origine del chitarrista Edson Gazani (Anita Fernandes, la cantante, è di origini latine ma nata in Australia) è sicuramente presente nella loro produzione musicale: samba, bossanova, jazz, funk, gipsy e folk, per uno dei prodotti più innovativi e suggestivi dell'attuale scena musicale australiana. Edson e Anita hanno vissuto, e si sono formati atristicamente, in diverse parti del mondo: Londra, Rio De Janeiro, l'Italia e naturalmente l'Australia, combinando al meglio le proprie radici con gli stimoli musicali e le influenze più diverse: Anita Fernandes ha una formazione classica come soprano, ma ben presto, durante il suo periodo londinese, si ritrova ad esibirsi sui palchi più prestigiosi d'Europa come corista per gli Heart Wind & Fire, leggendaria band funk/soul/disco, al tempo resident all'Hippodrome di Leicester Square. Edson Gazani, nato a Rio De Janeiro, fin da bambino è appassionato di poesia, e a soli 18 anni si trasferisce a Londra, dove collabora con numerosi artisti e contemporaneamente si immerge nell'allora nascente cultura rave. nel 1997 i due si incontrano, e decidono di unire i propri talenti. Il loro album di debutto "Divine is Life" è uscito nel 2005.

""Fantastic Album! Great stuff for our Radio Station.""

- Alex Pijnen from BRTO Radio - Holland

"First class! Conveyed with emotion and feeling and is refreshingly different"

really enjoyed listening to Tales from Jupiter, the mix of the two languages works well and the tunes are melodic and are well crafted. The singing is first class and is conveyed with emotion and feeling and is refreshingly different. John Reid, Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM SCOTLAND - John Reid, Keith, Radio 102.8 FM SCOTLAND

"Yemanja live at the Uprfront club"

Their ability to take old traditional styles and progressively recreate them makes them truly unique, giving them a reminiscent yet modern edge. (Range News)
- Range News, Australia 07

"Absolutely excellent album!"

Absolutely excellent album! Very sensitive, thoughtful and kind! Great job! This mixture of cultures is the most interesting feature of the album!

Armen Manukyan
(DJ at City FM - Yerevan, Armenia) - Armen Manukyan (DJ at City FM - Armenia)

"Musicians adore nomadic lifestyle"

Stafford is home to two travelling gypsies who have seen and entertained the world over with their eclectic music.
Anita Fernandes grew up in Everton Hills and then flew the coop to pursue the charmed life of a songstress - a career which would make most green with envy. Ms Fernandes met her partner and fellow band member, Eddie Gazani, 12 years ago and the pair have been travelling the world since to find musical inspiration for their unique sound.
Ms Fernandes said the duo had performed on stages in South America, Europe, Australia and Pacific Islands.
“We are basically a new breed of gypsy and have travelled the world over the years with our music and we also travel for creative inspiration, “Ms Fernandes said.
“Our music is a fun-loving mix of jazz, samba, bossa nova, gypsy, classical, folk, Brazilian and European popular music."
“These days Yemanja has developed into a collective of musicians featuring instruments such as accordion, percussion and trumpet.”
Ms Fernandes has returned to her Stafford home on the back of international success to launch the band's second album.
“We've recently self-produced our latest CD, Tales from Jupiter, which we recorded in Brazil, and it features a line-up of renowned Brazilian producers and artists.
“All the songs on the latest CD were inspired and composed throughout a year long trip to 13 countries around the world to musically rich and inspiring destinations such as Brazil, India and Egypt.”
The classically trained songstress said the name of the band originated from the name of the goddess of the sea in Afro-Brazilian culture.
Yemanja launch their second album at Metro Arts on Saturday at 7.30pm along with guest performers and Latin dancers.
- North West News by Taryn Davis. 4th Feb, 2009

"From London to Brazil to Australia"

Yemanja have travelled the world with their vibrant brand of multicultural acoustic music, yet it's Brisbane they call home. The duo of Anita Fernandes and Edson Gazani are excitedly gearing up for the release of their second album.

“We're very happy with the new album, “says guitarist Edson animatedly. “Very, very happy! We matured more since the first album. I think now our compositions are better developed and more well; at least I crafted my part better – Anita has always been great, right from the beginning!”
It's a long way from the beginning, which was in London ten years ago.
“Yeah, we met in London,” Edson explains. “I was writing songs and Anita was working professionally in a few bands there. We wrote a couple of songs together and then we started performing together; very casually – in the kitchen, that sort of thing! From there Anita met James Blundell (the Australian country singer) and he was starting a record company in Australia. He was just travelling but fell in love with our music and said, “When you guys come to Australia I'd love to record you'. So that's how it all started.”
It was the start of something special, leading to Yemanja travelling the world impressing audiences everywhere from Italy to the Pacific Islands and culminating now in the release of their second album, 'Tales from Jupiter'. As good as it is, however, it seems like Anita and Edson have gone beyond the call of duty for the actual launch.
“We've been waiting to do this for quite a while.” Anita says. “The exciting thing about it is that we're inviting lots of other local artists to come and play with us so it's going to be them coming and playing our own songs with us and adding their own flavour. There's a guy opening named Gerard Mapstone, who'll be playing some Spanish classical guitar and also a band called The View from Madeleine's Couch, who are going to come and sing some harmonies and play some percussion with us, so it's going to be very exciting to have everyone together.”

Yemanja launch their album, 'Tales from Jupiter' at The Metro Arts on February 7. - Scene Magazine by Matt Shea Issue 779

"'Tales from Jupiter' Album Review"

Since their formation ten years ago in London, the now Brisbane-based Latin/bossa nova duo of Yemanja has been spinning their songs all over the world and 'Tales from Jupiter' finds them in striking form. Recorded in Brazil, singer Anita Fernandesd guitarist Edson Gazani called upon the talents of many local Rio de Janeiro session musicians and the results are spectacular.
With their expert hired help, Fernandes and Gazani effortlessly breeze through the nine tracks here. 'Waltz D'Amour' and 'Mari' open the album on a distinctive Latin-folk note with careful instrumentation and swooning vocals. Later 'Quer Querer' dips into the more urgent rhythms of bossa nova with great effect. - Scene Magazine Issue 780

"Review by James Blundell"

“I first met Anita in 97 and once I heard her sing every hair on the back of my neck stood up. I was introduced to Eddie in 2000, and discovered one of the most naturally talented musicians I have met to date”.
“Yemanjá completed their debut album in August 2005, and have been traveling endlessly since. In the last 18 months, they have played in the United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, France, Spain, and Brazil…”
“Already, the album ‘Divine is Life’ has solicited a lot of interest… It’s pretty impressive; Anita’s vocals have matured beautifully, and Eddie’s guitar playing is ever more individual…”
“I know Yemanjá are going to have a substantial impact on the psyche of their peers. Good music speaks to its' relevant age group before spilling over, and Yemanjá effortlessly depict the joys and frustration of coming of age in a complex modern society.”
- James Blundell – Renowned Australian singer/songwriter
- James Blundell - www.


Yemanja - Divine is Life 2005
Yemanja- Tales from Jupiter 2007/08
Yemanja- Filosofia 2010

Tracks are being regularly heard on stations around the Country (Australia & Norfolk Is), Brazil, Belarus, Poland, Italy, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Luxemburg, USA, UK, Macedonia, Armenia, Colombia, Germany, USA & Central Africa.



Australian songbird Anita Fernandes and Brazilian classical guitarist Edson Gazani are innovative composers and captivating performers, and have even been described as musical anthropologists - uniting the music and culture of our current diverse global community with all the zest and appeal of today's popular music. The duo have been recognised for their songwriting talents and were nominated finalists for both the Australian Song Contest &
Q Music Song Awards 2008 & 2010 for their songs "Mari 08" & “Folhas Verdes in 2010”.

One of Australia’s pre-eminent musical artists, James Blundell describes Yemanjá as, “one of the freshest sounds on the music scene in years."
Since their formation in London over ten years ago the duo have been passionately creating and developing their unique sound throughout many different continents, taking their music to stages all around the world including Brazil, Japan, Italy, France, Greece, UK, Germany, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The Australian-based, multicultural acoustic duo have struck a positive chord with audiences around the world for their fun-loving mix of jazz, samba, bossa nova, classical, folk, Mediterranean, European & Brazilian popular music.

With her deeply sincere, soulful voice, Anita has dedicated over 20 years to mastering her craft, training in classical, opera, jazz and contemporary musical styles and performance. Whilst being undoubtably comparetable, the soprano has been likened to influential divas of the present and late centuries such as Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Bush, Flora Purim, Elis Regina, Gal Costa, Belle du Berry (Paris Combo) and Amália Rodrigues.
Eddie is blessed with creative abundance, naturual musical talent and unique songwriting abilities. The unity of his great ingenuity, extensive knowledge of Brazilian harmony and rhythms and 7 string classical guitar technique, he follows in the footsteps of the Brazilian masters Toninho Horta, Baden Powell, Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque.

Together this striking duo are musical pioneers, creating music which is in the middle road of contradiction; contemporary and avant-garde, yet reminiscent of the golden age of popular music. Their sounds have been described as progressive yet traditional, sweet yet daringly deep and surely guaranteed to warm your heart, leaving no soul untouched.

Following the release of the debut album "Divine is Life" in 2005, Yemanjá self produced their second album "Tales from Jupiter", recorded in Brazil in 2007. Their third album “Filosofia” also recorded in Brazil featuring many of Brazil's finest Jazz masters such as Toninho Horta & Beto Lopes was released in Australia & Europe in 2010 & in Brazil 2011.

The duo have not long returned home after their Third sucessful World Tour throughout Europe & Brazil where they performed on stages alongside some of country's most respected names in the Jazz & MPB scence such as Beto Lopes, Kiko Continentino, Rodrigo Schofield & Kiko Horta amongst others.

The response to the new album has been overwhelmingly positive and is said to be Yemanja's finest work yet.