Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues


Yemen blues is an original and a fascinating meeting between the traditional Yemenite melodies & the world of blues, jazz and funk. the flavors of the West African music roots and the enhanced modern compositions are bringing together a breathtaking experience mixture of beautiful complex grooves.


Shaped by his origins as a Yemeni Jew, the fascinating voice of Ravid Kahalani brilliantly evokes the musical universe of his ancestors. Stretching like a slow caravan crossing the desert, it winds through West African blues and the thousand and one vibrations of the Sahara, Nubian, Gnawi, Touaregs, Saidi and Bambara.
This luscious mix of jazz tonalities, which also crosses into funk, rings out as an ode to African grooves and a modern echo of the ancestral rhythms. Ravid Kahalani creates a canvas printed both with deep emotions when his rasping laments tear open the heavens,but also with popular jubilation when the percussions, the oud, the cello and the brass instruments in dance that is complex and resolutely modern. A joyful oasis in the middle of the desert ...


5 Ruff mix tracks available.

Set List

Original music and lyrics in different languages by Ravid Kahalani, Arrangements by Omer Avital. 85 Minutes set.