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The top number 1 single that has had quite a bit of airplay
and catchy music video is "Make Me Feel" with over
500,000 thousand views in less than 3 months.

-Make Me Feel
-Tell Me Something
-All Over
-It's Over Now
-Take Back
-Puo Benia
music can be found to download on



18 year old Afro-Canadian R&B/Dance-Pop singer and songwriter Yemimah aspires to become a mainstream artist in the music industry. The Equatorian songstress was born in Sudan to Woja Clement and Margaret Kwaje, with 6 younger siblings Faith, Grace, Esther, Raisi, Michelle and Daniel. At the time the family of 3 consisting of her Mother, Father and younger sister Faith had always moved and travelled to different countries which at first made it difficult to adjust to new lifestyles, customs and friends. Making friends was always difficult for the young Equtorian songstress. Yemimah was always made fun of for her physical features, which had over time helped her realize that her music is where she can let out her heart and feelings. Her taste in music developed while living in Lethbridge Alberta at the age of 5 when she had first heard Britney Spears top single "Hit Me Baby" she would start singing, dancing and coming up with her own performances to show In front of her younger sister, which later had her asking elementary school teachers if she could put on a performance with all her friends for the school. When summer came around at the age of 8 her mother Margaret had taken her to a summer exhibition carnival where she played a dart game until she won the Britney Spears Cd . Once Yemimah and her mother reached home she could not stop playing the Cd over and over, until she started to write music. The ability to write at such a young age helped her win a poem contest for remembrance day making her and another classmate the only 3rd grade students out of the entire school to read for the memorial. from that experience she began her musical journey just 2 years later at the age of 10, during fifth grade recess Yemimah would sit with her friends and write music, asking their opinions about what she was creating. Her biggest moment came to her when she was asked to perform as head Elf for an elementary Christmas musical, after her mother had watched the performance she noticed this is something Yemimah was really in love with, and nothing could change the drive and passion she had for music. Her father drove her to Calgary to record her first song, which was an "r&b/pop" song about dancing titled "supersonic." Embarrassed and laughing at what she had recorded at the age of ten,
?Yemimah has been able to experience, learn and grow from her first musical endeavors. She has been able to develop the skills of not only being a beautiful young female artist with a unique voice, but she has also acquired the songwriting ability which has been able to take her much further than she could have imagined, she had said "writing my own music is where I know I have to put my heart, soul, mind and emotions fully into it, which "MAKES ME FEEL” like the entire song is mine and I understand every bit of it, I am being true to myself during the writing, recording and performing process. Her growth and passion has been able to create great, meaningful and catchy lyrics for herself as well for people to enjoy. She had been involved in Middle school and High School choirs, where she finally realized she wanted to take her music to the next level. Spending her entire summer seeing a vocal coach, writing and recording. At the age 17 she had started to use her dynamic voice and charisma to post YouTube videos, which had helped her gain fans locally and nationally. Her determination, drive, hard work ethics and never give up attitude has landed her performing gigs in local venues, growing fan base on the internet and uprising ranking on social media, giving her the number 1 spot locally and nationally in Canada and rated number 6 globally on popular websites, her music is rapidly being requested in 13 states on a variety of top 40 and pop/r&b radio stations, as well as contacts from air’s and management, that have offered her development deals. This young Afro-Canadian Equatorian 18 year old female artist is using her roots of being Tanzanian, Kenyan and Sudanese culture and language to create music that pulls in her background with some of her modern favorites as well, she hopes to continue to establish her following talents by Gathering her inspiration from artists such as Bob Marley, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and of course Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Beyonce, Yemimah hopes to incorporate old-school Ashanti and J-Lo with a modern day touch.