Yer Cronies

Yer Cronies


Dreamy indie-rock quartet including 2 lead singers, 3 multi-instrumentalists, and 3-4 part harmonies. Smiling faces and camaraderie. At times melancholy and at times dance-y.


Our music varies since we all contribute to the writing process. From dreamy pop to rock n' roll, from jazz to drum n' bass, we take all these elements and put them together and form Yer Cronies. We are high school sweethearts, have been in bands together and have been in the same circle of friends since 9th grade.


Debut album, 'When I Grow Up' featuring songs, "'Divi Divi' Tree," "In Absentia," and "Daniel Day" receiving radio airplay.

Set List

Our set lists vary on a night-to-night basis but feature only original songs. We mostly play songs from our debut album but occasionally feature new songs we have written but not yet recorded.