Eclectic, Electronic Mood Music... not restricted to Genre. Yerk is an experienced music writer and remixer, DJ, Engineer, Producer with over 60 tracks in his portfolio.


Influenced hugely by classical music from Beethoven, Elgar, Mozart and Joby Talbot. I have always been fascinated with electronically created and composed music, Jean Michel Jarre was my first real experience of this.

I have always loved dance music, fat breakbeats and banging techno being my ultimate. I have been a DJ for over 20 years, some of which professionally.

I have been professionally involved in the music business for 13 years in London and worked in the most prestigious venues and with the most influencial artists...

I feel I have an affinity for creating moods and would ultimately love to compose a hi-tech, sci-fi type film score...


"Pursuit" On Split 3 - Ai Records 2006

"Death" On 'Best of Myspace 8' - Gill Mills ( Podcast) Available through itunes and many other podcast networks

Set List

An hour long live amalgamation of more than 12 tracks.