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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Quality! DVEP review"

“…Mathy progressions collide with improvisational jazz and cerebral lyricism…Yerkish has much more to offer…food for thought and not pathetic slogans.” - Tom Murphy - Westword

"Westword Backbeat"

“For every radio-friendly band that makes it big on the more commercial stations, there’s a Yerkish or a DeVotchka around to fill the other niches.” - A.H. Goldstein - Westword

"Yerkish Unbound"

"With edgy, grinding, multi-layered hooks, multiple time changes, and angry, echo-laden vocals that span from lilting to blistering... sounds like neo-grunge anti-emo revolt, heavy without the metal, intelligent without the tedious and overly complicated beat politics of most rock leftists...Yerkish is rock!"

- R Kelly Liggin

- R. Kelly Liggin - CU Advocate

"Movers and Shakers"

"Yerkish's second release is a trip into the smarter, weirder side of metal. Dynamic song structures, powerful vocals and excellent, effects-laden guitar work drive the strong material. Standouts include "Optiplex," which injects a lounge influence into the band's signature sound, and the epic "Megaman," maybe the best song ever written about a video game." - Cory Casciato - Westword

"Over the Weekend...Detroit Cobras, Super 400 and Yerkish @ the Falcon"

"...a complex, cerebral, thinking man's rock that could never be labeled predictable. Yerkish's songs veered close to the dark, metal edge of Jane's Addiction and at times resembled the multifaceted eclectic style of The Mars Volta." - Kevin Galaba - Westword

"Making Noise"

"Plenty of tasty, talented individual efforts about on all the tracks, yet what makes Yerkish stand out is the musical demeanor of what a band should struggle to achieve - unison." - Colorado Music Buzz


Vignettes 2006
1.) Pack
2.) Stasis
3.) Video Rental
4.) Philosophy

The Return Of Douglas Jupitor 2007
1.) The Return of Douglas Jupitor
2.) Defenestration Imbroglio
3.) Dougie
4.) Megaman
5.) The Doug
6.) Hellride
7.) Salguod
8.) Hapless Hour
9.) Dig Dug
10.) Optiplex
11.) Dugout

D.A.R.C. Compilation Volume One 2007
1.) Megaman

99.5 The Mountain Homegrown Vol. 6 - Live at The Soiled Dove Underground 2007
1.) Dougie

Fear Conquers America 2008
1.) Papa's Amore
2.) X-Ray Specs
3.) Vote
4.) When Glaciers...
5.) Louisiana
6.) A.P.
7.) USS Jeezus
8.) Bitten

Quality! 2010
1.) Jovian
2.) NVuRLture
3.) Quality!



Yerkish (yûrksh) n. - parallels its namesake: an experimental language developed for communication between primates and humans. Tim Kaminski (Vocals), Nate Huisgen (Guitar), Brent Moran (Bass), and Alvin Ramos (Drums) re-imagine communication between performer and audience by experimenting with odd meter, atypical chord progressions, and neo-psychedelic video imagery.

Since 2005, the Denver-based quartet have carved a niche for their multi-influenced brand of rock, infusing elements of jazz, classical, blues, electronica, and more. In 2006, Yerkish's first EP, Vignettes, hinted at the multiple influences and eclecticism of the band. With the release of the concept EP The Return of Douglas Jupitor in 2007, Yerkish wove segments of jazz amidst an assortment of rock tunes. 2008 marked the arrival of the band's first full-length album, Fear Conquers America, which earned them Westword's Best Progressive Rock Band award. In early 2010, the band took their appreciation for the moving image a step further by unveiling a Digital Video EP (DVEP) entitled Quality! including 3 music videos with 3 new songs.

Yerkish has been voted “Best Progressive Rock Band” of 2009, and nominated four years in a row for best progressive/avant- garde rock band of Denver Westword 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Radio and television play have included: Denver’s channel 9 NBC, Rocky Mountain PBS, 106.7 FM Denver, 93.3 FM Denver, 99.5 FM Denver, AM 1190 Boulder,, 88.3 FM CU Denver, metradio @ MSCD, 1390 AM Denver, 88.5 FM Boulder,, 101.5 FM Denver, and Free Talk Live. Yerkish has been featured as one of Denver’s Movers and Shaker of 2008/2009 Denver Westword. They have also been featured in the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Colorado Music Buzz, Daily Camera-Boulder, The Scene-Fort Collins, Denver Daily News, CU Denver Advocate, The Onion, and

The quartet have filled many Denver venues, including: The Gothic Theatre, Herman's Hideaway, The Oriental Theatre, The Toad Tavern, The Cricket on the Hill, The Walnut Room, The Soiled Dove Underground, and many more. The band has shared these stages with bands such as Banyan, Detroit Cobras, Super 400, Ours, Lucero, Dinosaur Jr., The Flobots, The Dirty Projectors and many other talented acts both national and local.

Yerkish is currently writing new music, working on more visual concepts for live shows, and performing for fans everywhere.