Yer Mother's Onion

Yer Mother's Onion


This band redfines all rules. Sifting through the wreckage of rock and roll, YMO pilfers sounds to create original compositions that are inventive yet familiar. Beat the tribal drums. Croon and question the lyrics. Surf the guitar wave. Dance barefoot with the bass player. See them LIVE!


“IN” is the name of this band’s new album that will be on the shelves by the end of
the summer. This is an album you will need to add to your collection. Yer Mother’s
Onion melds together a combination of different sounds and styles ranging between
reggae, alternative rock, jam, and celtic music to produce something that will move your
Playing together for five years, this band had been impressing audiences with their
strong vision of good music. They play every weekend at every style of venue around
New Hampshire and Vermont, and have a very dedicated following.
On stage, these guys are an electric display of musical talent and raw energy. The
five-piece band includes drum kit, an array of hand percussion, guitars, vocals, bass, and
even the occasional didjeridu.
They can play three hours of cover songs in any style you want, or three hours of
catchy originals that avoid classification. Whatever you choose to have them play, the
audience will dance and scream for more.


"In"- the new album featuring 15 original songs- to be released very soon.

Set List

Yer Mother's Onion can play an entire show of either original music or cover tunes, but they usually play a combination of both. When playing covers, the band adapts songs from a variety of genres. Some examples are Sublime, The Allman Brothers Band, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Phish, Dispatch, Cake, and The Beatles.