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Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
Band World Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sublime *****"

"Sublime *****" - Montreal Metro, Canada

"So beautiful"

"So beautiful it makes you appreciate life on our good old earth again. Includes a highly commendable version of No Woman, No Cry" - Voir, Canada

"A Feast for music tourists"

"This is brilliant African-sounding music from a multi-cultural percussionist
with a wide open mind to all the globe's notes. Usually we think of worldmusic
as something traditional and specific to a culture. But Yeshe modernizes and
crosses geographic and musical boundaries like a Paul Simon in reverse."
"A Feast for music tourists"
- NB Reader, Canada

"Well worth the wait"

"Warmly produced by Yeshe and Harry Manx, and released on Manx’s own
Dog My Cat label, this is a debut album that’s been a longtime coming, but
well worth the wait. With an upfront simplicity that belies the more complex
rhythms bubbling just beneath, World Citizen has to be one of the
more satisfying Aussie albums released so far this year."
- Seth Jordan (Rhythms magazine), Australia)

"Makes you want to lean into the music"

"Yeshe's half whispered vocals and liquid Mbira Dzavadzimu creates an
intimacy that makes you want to lean into the music." - Soundroots, USA

"A true gem"

"Yeshe brings together diverse cultures and musics with
striking compatibility and resonance. A true gem in our world music category."
- Cd Baby, USA

"Beware, it's addictive!!!"

"Yeshe's compositions range from the gentle to the spirited, fusing a
complex percussive structure with layerings of melody and lyrics,
from overtly African to anywhere-in-the- wordly.......
Beware, it's addictive!!!" - Jackey Coyle (Rhythms magazine), Australia

"Discover the beauty!!!!"

"If you are looking for some world music to bring some calm and peace
to your inner world, World Citizen, by Yeshe, will take you there."
"You find your self immersed in a release of beauty and grace."
"Discover the beauty!!!!"
- Faster and Louder, Australia

"Your own personal folk festival"

"In World Citizen, Yeshe has created a world music disc
chock-a-block of rhythms and melodies that are magnificently evocative;
you'll sway and danceall the way through this one.It plays a little
like your own personal folk festival.....Hypnotic" - Red Deer Advocate , Canada

"Profoundly gentle"

"Profoundly gentle - in the best sense of the word....
Evocative of Geoffrey Oryema's Exile."
- Penguin Eggs , Canada


1. Yeshe: "World CitiZen"
(Dog My Cat Records, Canada)

2. Yeshe: "Roots & Wings"
(WCZ Records, Australia)



Hailing from Germany but a true world citizen, Yeshe has explored all corners of the globe in developing a rich tapestry of sound and vivid collage of musical culture. Yeshe embodies the musical nomad drawing heavily from his African teachings but expressing his music with a sophisticated style and distinctly cosmopolitan flavour.

Now based in Australia, Yeshe was born and raised near Dusseldorf, Germany - where the Ruhr River joins the Rhine. At this juncture Yeshe at a young age was exposed to a unique collision of cultures, customs and music and a chance meeting as a teenager with African drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy became the foundation for his musical evolution and the African sound, which would feature so prominently in his music. Addy was a master Ghanaian drummer and ethnomusicologist and enthralled by his creative drumming compositions Yeshe began performing locally with Addy's percussion ensembles and by the age of sixteen had left school to tour the world.

Yeshe kept returning to West Africa each winter to advance his musical and cultural mentorship and would perform during the European summers with acts traversing genres of Latin, Funk, Soul, Reggae and South African Jive. It was during one of these summers that he would meet another one of his musical mentors Reggae singer/multi-instrumentalist Tefo Hlaele, who was a founding member of the world famous South African musical, Ipi N’tombi. Tefo would later reconnect with Yeshe to perform on his award winning album Roots and Wings.

Yeshe also spent five years in Japan working as a session musician with several Japanese and international artists. During this time he also travelled extensively throughout Asia to study various percussion styles of its many cultures and engaged in numerous collaborations.

Yeshe’s musical apprenticeship would continue to evolve through the 80’s & 90’s after meeting Canada’s most awarded blues artist Harry Manx who is world renown for his exquisite combination of Blues, Folk, and Hindustan Classical music. Yeshe and Manx became good friends and worked and toured together with many different acts around the globe. Manx would have a tremendous and powerful influence on Yeshe's future musical development, eventually inspiring his solo career.

While in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1996, Yeshe met American singer/songwriter Chris Berry of the band Panjea. Yeshe would perform with Panjea over several successful tours of the US and Australia. Berry was a master Mbira player who had already released many successful songs in Zimbabwe. It was this important meeting that sparked Yeshe's interest in the Mbira. As Yeshe recalls:

“After stumbling across the Mbira in the desert of New Mexico I was immediately put under a spell and shortly after had to follow it to it’s birthplace in Zimbabwe. There I found Mbira master Garkayi Tirikoti and totally immersed myself into the Shona culture, basically never leaving his sight and sleeping on his floor in the ghettos of Harare. The Mbira thereafter became the centerpiece of my music.”

Yeshe would later use the same approach to learn Kamele Ngoni an instrument native to Mali and Burkina Faso in Africa, Again he would head for the source and study it with two brothers Aruna and Siaka Diarra from a Burkina Griot family.

It was after a tour late in 2003, that with Harry Manx’s production guidance, they would record Yeshe’s debut album entitled World Citizen through Manx’s Canadian based label, Dog My Cat Records. “Yeshe's music will never go out of fashion, this kind of music will remain relevant for ages to come” says Manx.

World citizen charted and won multiple international awards with the largest independent e-tailor on earth CD Baby calling it “a true gem in our World Music category”. Supports and collaborations with world dance musician Ganga Giri (also featured on the record) and regular performances with a host of other artists in different genres at major festivals continue to bro