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San Antonio, Texas, United States | INDIE

San Antonio, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Avant-garde




"Yes, Inferno - Yes, Inferno"

San Antonio progressive, instrumental rock band Yes, Inferno was born in early 2009 out of the ashes of drummer Ernst Bredvad's garage. The four-piece consists of Ernst Bredvad on drums, Christen Saenz on bass, Cisco Garcia on guitar, and Richard Garcia on guitar. Though Yes, Inferno bring nothing groundbreaking to the genre, their music is definitely unique and blends many elements from numerous genres including progressive rock, post-punk, math rock, jazz, and metal. On June 7, 2011, Yes, Inferno released their self-titled EP with the help of Texas Is Funny Records. Aside from genres and styles, their music could be described as staccato hard rock, which is a form of hard rock that is composed of notes of shortened duration that are separated from notes that may follow by silence.

The EP opens with the track "Ellen Page", which is a hard hitter from start to finish, and ends with great placement without dragging on. This track brings to mind the earlier math rock sounds of Minus The Bear and only lasts for one-minute and forty-six seconds. Next up is the track "Midnight Murder Highway", which has a heavy focus on Bredvad's drum work and Saenz's bass skills. Many have quoted this song as "bringing voodoo funk to math rock", and the drum and bass work live up to this description. "Something Along The Skyline" starts off slow, but then builds into a heavy and melancholy soundtrack of epic proportions. The standout track and most melodic point on the album is the fourth track "Tunnels In London". Yes, Inferno chose a masterpiece of a guitar riff for this track, and as the song builds, the guitar work continues to progress for the better. The EP ends with "Ghost XO", which begins with a depressing sounding guitar riff, eventually leading into a full-blown, epic structure of drum and bass work. Swirling riffs play throughout the track until it ends at three-minutes and twenty-five seconds with the same riff that began the track.

Yes, Inferno have certainly put their skills to the test with their self-titled debut EP. Their music may not be groundbreaking, but it is definitely unique in sound structure and approach, and music that I enjoy very much. They have covered many boundaries in just five songs, so I know that they are capable of much more in the future. Fans of progressive rock, math rock, post-punk, jazz, and even metal, are sure to find something worthwhile on Yes, Inferno's debut EP. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy of Yes, Inferno's self-titled debut, I highly doubt you will be disappointed. - Innovative Music

"Yes, Inferno: Yes, Inferno"

Yes, Inferno call themselves a progressive instrumental rock band. This is only partially true. Their moody, staccato hard rock is wordless, but it doesn't take us anywhere the interludes on Minus the Bear's Highly Refined Pirates haven't already. However, the band's debut EP shouldn't be dismissed as verse/chorus rock with the vocals down and pretensions up. Album opener "Ellen Page" is a pounding intro track that quits right when it needs to (before the two-minute mark). On "Midnight Murder Highway," drummer Ernst Bredvad and bassist Chris Saenz bring voodoo funk to math rock, crafting a soundtrack for hipsters selling heroin. "Something Along the Skyline" begins a little too methodically, but builds into a swirling theme of heroic melancholy. The piercing guitar tone that ends the tune should have arrived sooner, stayed longer, and carried over into the EP's high point, "Tunnels in London." Here, the band runs laps through a guitar theme, each time pouring on more awesome. Presently, Yes, Inferno are by no means groundbreaking, but they are both deftly competent and taking their musical journey in earnest. This reviewer suggests they spend some months listening to Can and live Television, and then craft a full-length. - San Antonio Current

"Tonight: football, etc. + Reverse the Curse + Pswingset + Yes, Inferno + Square & Compass, at Vinyl Junkie"

San Antonians Yes, Inferno, who blaze their way through some nicely urgent instro-rock with chunks of both Dischord post-rock and more proggy metal sticking out the sides. - Space City Rock

"Album Review: Yes, Inferno - Self Titled Debut EP"

Yes, Inferno is not one of those instrumental bands that you can put on for background noise. The San Antonio based band demands your attention from start to finish with their new self titled debut EP, from Texas Is Funny Records.

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of intense emotion and frantic mental imagery as you listen to these five tracks, and let yourself go in them. I’ve never been more amazed by the concentrated amount of emotions poured into a track than I am with this band.

In fact, I had a hard time doing this review, because this music opens up the capillaries in your soul like a delicious spicy dinner, getting in as deep as possible and stirring up feelings you didn’t even know you had. When you’re willing to receive that kind of energy, it’s entirely overwhelming.

“Midnight Murder Highway” is one of those extreme tracks, projecting a sort of coherent chaos. It starts off with a bit of muffled feedback that kind of sounds like changing stations on an old car radio, and proceeds to take you on a journey down the dark and empty road until you hit a mass of unexpected fright and frenzy.
I might have immersed myself in too many conspiracy theories over the last few years. At least that’s my answer for what “Something Along The Skyline” brings to my mind. I’m not usually one for such specific scenes to go along with instrumental songs, but this is what this band does.

My first listen to this song made me immediately think of a young couple laying on the hood of their car late at night, staring up at the stars, indulging in their quiet, romantic moment, thinking, as all young people do, that they are invincible and nothing can touch them. Suddenly, they start to see explosions in the city skyline in the distance, bright lights in the sky illuminating missiles and aircraft unlike any they’ve seen before, and the ratatat of automatic weapons in the air. I can feel their shock as they realize they are watching the world end right before their very eyes, and the fear as they hold each other, knowing that when, or if, they go back home, nothing will ever be the same again.
So if you’re willing and prepared to feel things you rarely feel, get this EP right away. You can download it for $5 from Bandcamp right now, or you can get a physical copy at the CD release show on June 17th at The Limelight in San Antonio. Yes, Inferno is clawing up everyone’s radar right now, and justifiably so, so make sure you pick this up as soon as possible, and let yourself be transformed. - Aural Interaction


Single - Tunnels In London
Single - Brain Insertion
EP - Yes Inferno (self-titled)



The post-rock instrumental rock band Yes,Inferno was formed in early 2009 within the smoldering confines of drummer Ernst Bredvad’s garage space. A fusion of elements from various genres including progressive rock, jazz, post punk, and metal resulted in a sound that is not only unique but that also emphasizes each member’s musical origins. The band began as a quartet, with Bredvad on drums, Richard Garcia on guitar, Chris Saenz on bass, and Rey Hinojosa on keyboards. After months of live performances and two beautifully crafted demos, Hinohosa departed from his position as keyboardist in order to pursue a degree in music. As a trio, the band determined to fill the void and were forced to push their skills in musicianship to not only recreate the old sound but to also enhance their new one. After many more enthusiastic live performances, and a growing fan base to boot, the band has ascended rapidly in the craft, becoming an all-out audio arsenal.

The band,once again a quartet with the addition of guitarist Cisco Garcia, released a self titled EP in June of 2011 on the independent label Texas Is Funny Records. Yes, Inferno just wrapped up their 2nd mid-west tour in late October after which they will go back into the studio to begin work on a split 7" with The Grasshopper Lies Heavy to be released in April and a double LP set to be released in Fall of 2012. A west coast tour is in the works for February.

Tour History
6 Date Midwest Tour August 2011
10 Date Midwest Tour October 2011

Opened For:
This Will Destroy You, The Bright Light Social Hour, Secret Machines