Yes, Inferno

Yes, Inferno

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Yes, Inferno is a post-apocalyptic avant-garde intrumental band that teleport their listeners to an emotional place in their hearts. They play upon the adventurism of the audiences mind through intense cinematic musical themes. For fans of Mogwai or God Speed You Black Emperor.


The post-rock instrumental rock band Yes,Inferno was formed in early 2009 within the smoldering confines of drummer Ernst Bredvad’s garage space. A fusion of elements from various genres including progressive rock, jazz, post punk, and metal resulted in a sound that is not only unique but that also emphasizes each member’s musical origins. The band began as a quartet, with Bredvad on drums, Richard Garcia on guitar, Chris Saenz on bass, and Rey Hinojosa on keyboards. After months of live performances and two beautifully crafted demos, Hinohosa departed from his position as keyboardist in order to pursue a degree in music. As a trio, the band determined to fill the void and were forced to push their skills in musicianship to not only recreate the old sound but to also enhance their new one. After many more enthusiastic live performances, and a growing fan base to boot, the band has ascended rapidly in the craft, becoming an all-out audio arsenal.

The band,once again a quartet with the addition of guitarist Cisco Garcia, released a self titled EP in June of 2011 on the independent label Texas Is Funny Records. Yes, Inferno just wrapped up their 2nd mid-west tour in late October after which they will go back into the studio to begin work on a split 7" with The Grasshopper Lies Heavy to be released in April and a double LP set to be released in Fall of 2012. A west coast tour is in the works for February.

Tour History
6 Date Midwest Tour August 2011
10 Date Midwest Tour October 2011

Opened For:
This Will Destroy You, The Bright Light Social Hour, Secret Machines


Single - Tunnels In London
Single - Brain Insertion
EP - Yes Inferno (self-titled)

Set List

Ellen Paige
Midnight Murder Highway
Ghost XO
Tunnels In London
Something Along the Skyline
My, What a Pretty Thief
Vanity Kills In Technicolor