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Yes Nice


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Yes Nice are an indie act from Edmonton, Canada whose music is a mixture of lush harmony, folkie guitars, and slight electronic flourishes; a beautifully-composed sonic stew captured on computer but sounding timeless. Scott McKellar — the live bassist/vocalist who serves as the band's producer/arranger on recordings— calls such sound "creating landscapes."

Yes Nice began as a duo-recording project for Nathaniel Wong and Scott McKellar, but soon grew into a full band. They record independently, and have toured across Canada. There live show is a work of art with the virtuosic drummer Peter Hendrickson, the wunderkind keyboardist Jillian McKellar and violinist Erin Wong.


Warm Gun (Full Length) - 2013
Blindfolded (Full Length) - 2009

Set List

Typical set runs approx. 55 min. and includes a selection from the following songs:

We'll Call it Home
Hot River
Old Boy
Faded Colours
Holding Out
Chance to Win
Mountain Man
Water Wine
Children Talk With the Old People