Our music is a tribute to the legendary rock supergroup Yes. Yes was a classic progressive rock band from the 70's. They had hits like, Roundabout, Long distance runaround and I've seen all good people.


The band has been together for 2 years. We're all from different parts of L.A. and are all different ages ranging from 22 to 52. Our influences are Yes, ELP, Rush, UK, Dream Theater, Gentle Giant, The Beatles and many others. Our music is a tribute to the greatest Progressiv e rock band there ever was, Yes.

Set List

So far, we have a 2 hour set. Our set list is:
1. Firebird Suite
2. Close to the Edge
3. Siberian Kahtru
4. And you and I
5. Future Times
6. Long Distance Runaround w/ the fish
7. Star ship Trooper
8. Going for the one
9. South side of the sky
10. The Meeting
11. Time and a word
12. Heart of the Sunrise
13. Yours is no disgrace
14. Roundabout
15. Owner of a lonely heart
16. I've seen all good people
17. Mood for a day