Yesterday's Ring

Yesterday's Ring

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Some dyed-in-the-wool punk rockers prove they can make real roots music with the best of them.Members of The Sainte-Catherines strip down the sonics and speed and deliver a truly great record that is peppered with all the good stuff: Drinking,missing home and ruthless heartbreak.(J.Cummins Mirror)


The Beginning...Frederic Jacques and Hugo Mudie, both originally from the Quebec region of Lanaudiere, recorded their first country song in a kitchen in South Central Montreal. They had no idea that their friendship would bring them to play shows all over North America, as well as Europe with their punk rock band The Sainte Catherines.During one of their many Sainte Catherines tours (400 shows since 2001), Fred and Hugo, guitarist and singer of the band, found themselves with a case of beer on a balcony in Memphis Tennessee. This is where Yesterdays Ring officially began. Through the inspiration of the South and intoxication, they composed a couple folks songs.

The First Album...Half a dozen songs later, they decided that upon their return from tour, it was time to record what they had written. The songs were recorded and burnt to CD as "The Couch Addiction / Yesterdays Ring - Dare to Care Split Series Volume 1". There was great response to the recording, comparing it to Bruce Springsteen and Tim Armstrong (Rancid). The lyrics, in english as well as in french, were said to be filled with sincerity. At this time, Louis Valiquette (ex Roller Starter, Akiata) joined the force of what was Yesterdays Ring, adding more power and impact during live performances where often bottles of whiskey and cases of beer were the fuel as opposed to microphones and amps. The Second Album...

The second album, self produced, complimented with percussion, piano, bass and violin was recorded during the cold nights of winter 2003.Continuing with the theme of country-rock, Yesterdays Ring released "11 Chansons pour faire pleurer les morts-vivants", which included two cover songs by Quebec artists, Gilles Valiquette and Claude Dubois. The album was acclaimed by many music critics, including Montreal newspapers Le Devoir, La Presse, Le Voir, Ici Montreal, The Hour, etc. as well as presently on many radio station across the province. This album was to confirm the talent and originality of the trio. With this, they toured across the country, from Vancouver to Halifax to play to all that would listen.

The Present..."El Rancho", the album to be released in April 2005, shows the superior quality of song writing that these young musicians have. Its introspective lyrics bring feelings alive in a public that is bored of the same uniform music that they have heard for much to long.

The futur, Yesterday's Ring will be recording a new album in february.The release is planned for spring 2008 on Fat Wreck Chords label.


Fairy Tale of Montreal

Written By: Hugo Mudie

believe me please i'm being sincere
for the first and maybe the last time
we don't need to be told what to do
I almost died when I found out about hope

I would give everything I own
to my friends my family my love
if it means they will always be with me
if it means they won't ever forget me

it's 4 am and tomorrow laughs at me
the city smile is so beautiful and true
i'm cuonting scars on my way back home
the quiet street is like music to my ear

we have our songs our fears and our drinks
do you see what everyone can't see
yeah tonight the floor is calling me
I don't mind as long as there's you and whiskey
I don't mind as long as there's you and music

The Bob Marsh International Horseshoe Tournament

Written By: Hugo Mudie

come on throw another perfect ringer
one twist in the air the sound of victory
3points 3beers 3am another winner
this one is for bob marsh and family

we lost our minds a long time ago
enjoy this one we won't be back for more
we're having fun but boredom is so close
"i have a warm log cabin let's buy some bottles"

cowboy hats sunflower seeds and beer
shane macgowan good ol' stories and whiskey
hey louis are you ready for another game
"one cigarette one beer and i'm on my way"

you take the blue or d'you want the red
traditions sometimes make a big difference
wolves and deers trees and memories
it was good to be out of reality

drink drink drink pass the bottle
look out the window it is so wonderful
"where the men are pretty the women are
strong and the children above average"
the marsh international horseshoe tournament

A Small Piece of Paper In My Shoe

Written By: Hugo Mudie

Close your eyes one more time
I won,t ever see you again
Sai hi to everyone
Let's take the bus and leave the scene

The worst goodbyes in the world
I learn about you on crooked lines
I should go to sleep now
I never thought I could be caught in time

Was it the sweet words of happiness
Did you really feel so natural
When walking and freezing actually becomes
The best thing you did in the last year

There's a piece of you in every city
We go wasting our time in front of empty bars
It's part of me and i'm part of it
Don't follow anyone you know that well

And i wanna get lost in your room tonight
Nobody's bored with the usa anymore

I hate everything everywhere I've went
But i love you more than life itself
So let's burn the night with the cheapest wine
Let's make love to remember everything

And i wanna get lost in you room tonight
Nobody's bored with the usa anymore
And you should cut your hair shorter
And give me another bottle of sincerity



YESTERDAY’S RING - 11 Chansons Pour Faire Pleurer Les Morts-Vivants - CD(2003)

YESTERDAY’S RING - El Rancho - CD (2005)

YESTERDAY’S RING - Back From El Rancho - CDEP(2006)
YESTERDAY’S RING-Diamonds In The Ditch -CD (Spring 2008)

Set List

Set List
The Bob Marsh International Horseshoe Tournament
San Cristobal De Las Casas
Looking For You
Buildings And Bridges
A Small Piece Of Paper In My Shoe
Xmas in Greece
Small Town Girl
Old Dogs
The Boat That Never Sinks
Dying To Forget
The Red River Road At Night

Fairy Tale Of Montreal


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