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Alexandria, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Alexandria, Virginia, United States | INDIE
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"Kicked In The Head-March 2012"

YESTERDAY'S SAINTS - s/t * Have you ever heard a song once or twice and the chorus sticks in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth? That's the case here. I found myself walking around humming & singing the chorus to "Gates of Valhalla". The rough part was I couldn't recall what it was that I was singing. I was looking for a cd to listen to and popped in this EP. BOOM! There it was. Yesterday's Saints provide a more traditional and balanced approach to metal than most of the new bands I hear. Led by the incredibly powerful voice of Matt Rice the rest of the band provides a straight forward brand of thrash metal that is unique to this quartet. There's a constant drive to the guitar. Relentless drumming too. Every song. Rice reformed the band with guitarist Witt Black & Phil De Arcangelis. Recently they've added drummer Albert Born (Loculus, Pentagram). I don't know if they set out to achieve genuine old school thrash with a modern day twist, but that's what's going on here. RBH! STAMP of METAL APPROVAL! - Shockwave Magazine

"Fas Lane Racing puts the Pedal to the Heavy Metal with Yesterday's Saints"

Mooresville, North Carolina (October 26, 2011) – FAS Lane Racing announced today that they have secured an associate sponsorship for the TUMS Fast Relief 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Martinsville, VA on October 30, 2011 from Yesterday’s Saints, a D.C. based heavy metal band.

“The pairing of a fast car and heavy metal music is something that is a natural fit with NASCAR, it’s the stuff that helps get the team amped-up for a race,” stated FAS Lane Racing owner Frank Stoddard. “We are pleased to help Yesterday’s Saints celebrate a successful year as we remain solidly locked in to the race with our top 35 position and welcoming back Ken Schrader to continue our successful season.”

The Yesterday’s Saints song “Gates of Valhalla” is played on many radio stations in the US and also can be heard in Canada and Europe. The band is wrapping up their 2011 tour and their 2012 tour will start in early spring with stops all up and down the East Coast and European dates in the works

“We are honored to sponsor FAS Lane Racing and Ken Schrader this weekend at Martinsville,” said Yesterday’s Saints vocalist Matt Rice. “We, like many others in metal, respect the hard work it takes to be successful and love an opportunity to support other hard working people doing what they love. We are confident that Ken, along with Frank and the FAS Lane Racing team, will have a successful performance this weekend in Martinsville.”

FAS Lane Racing will also use this weekend’s race at Martinsville Speedway to pay a special tribute to their season long sponsors – US Chrome and Southern Pride Trucking. The two companies were crucial supporters from the beginning as veteran crew chief Stoddard made the move into team ownership. They will share the Primary Sponsorship on the team’s No. 32 entry in the 500 lap event at the Virginia paper-clip shaped track.

“We are using the race this weekend to give special thanks to two of our teams founding sponsors – US Chrome and Southern Pride Trucking,” said Stoddard. “This is the least we could do to show our appreciation for these two valuable supporters of FAS Lane Racing. We also welcome back C & J Energy Services and TMone who will join us this weekend in addition to Yesterday’s Saints.”

About Yesterday’s Saints

Yesterday’s Saints’ sound is a heavy and very intense dynamic musical force and has been compared by some as sounding like a combination of Iced Earth and Amon Amarth. Yesterday’s Saints combines power metal and melodic death-metal with Pentagram alumni Albert Born’s drumming being complex and diverse and Matt Rice’s vocals spanning from guttural lows across 5 octaves to soaring highs. Yesterday’s Saints musical composition, driven by guitarist Witt Black and bass player Phil D’Arcangelis, contains depth and melodic complexity yet does not give up intensity or hook while lyrically maintaining individual song concepts. Their music can be found on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon-MP3.

- Integrity Sports Marketing for FAS Lane Racing, Press Release -

"Yesterday's Saints Lay Siege to the Utica Music and Arts Festival"

Saturday September 17th at 12:00 a.m. the fiery womb of Valhalla erupts bringing forth Yesterday's Saints and the streets of Utica will flow with the blood of those who refuse to pay homage to the Metal Gods!

There is something to be said for sitting back after a long day and relaxing to some good soft alternative rock or easy listening but there are other times... Much darker times when the soft melodic voice of a crooner like Paolo Nutini just doesn't have what it takes to quench your thirst. In a movie when the filthy man wearing nothing but his underwear is chasing a transgender drug dealer with a machete what should play in the background, John Mayer? NO! It is in these times we need Metal, it is in these times we need Yesterday's Saints.

Made up of Matt Rice, Al Born, Witt Black and Phil D'Arcangelis, music doesn't come any more Metal than Yesterday's Saints. This band is more Metal than a Viking helmet full of lightning flying through a crowd of terrified hot platinum blonde strippers with big 80's hair propelled by the explosion of an A-bomb. If you don't believe us check out their performance live at Sickenberger Lane, 12:00a.m. September 17th at 628 Varick Street in Utica NY. Drunk Buddha WILL BE in attendance. - Drunk Buddha

"Artist Profile- Yesterday’s Saints"

Back to that what’s in a name thing…you wouldn’t necessarily know on impact that Yesterday’s Saints from the Washington, DC area are going to come out of the speakers so hard that you might just look like you’re facing a wind tunnel. So let me just get that out of the way for you real quickly. This band is not screwing around! This is tight, aggressive music! Metal / Hybrid Thrash about to blow Sickenberger Lane like a scene in Backdraft. Don’t tell the insurance agents. - Melissa Walker - Utica Music and Arts Festival

"Yesterday's Saints"

"Horns in the air, Metalheads! Spawned from the urban sprawl of Washington, DC, Yesterday's Saints is back with a vengeance that will blacken the Earth. Originally formed in 2008, a new lineup returns with enough heavy metal firepower to generate a quake felt throughout the metal nation. Original vocalist, Matt Rice carries the YS standard with allies: Albert Born, Witt Black, and Phil D'Arcangelis.
With an EP release scheduled for early May 2011, a full-length release later in 2011 and an ever-increasing tour schedule, Yesterday's Saints delivers high-voltage, no remorse, devastation to the metal faithful.
Remember: Today's sinners are Yesterday's Saints"...
This is how these 4 guys (including the actual Pentagram's drummer Albert Born) present their band and there's not much to add, except to point that they have reason to be confident in their high potencial, cause they display an high quality melodic yet very intense heavy/thrash metal, rather 80's typed. No doubt, you'll read more about them here when the album is released; as for now listen to their powerful sound here : - Stéphane le Soux


YESTERDAY’S SAINTS declare themselves “DC’s most intense band”, and I invite you all to examine this claim for yourselves. Originally formed in 2008 with a different lineup, this four-piece is currently signed to Bent Elbow Records. Their self-titled debut EP dropped on May 6th as is available through iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, Amazon, and others.

The band will embark on a national tour in the States that is scheduled to run from July 30th (starting in Creswell, North Carolina) and ending September 17th in Utica, New York.


Washington, D.C. Located on the north bank of the Potomac River and sandwiched between Virginia and Maryland, it has been the American capital city since July 16th, 1790, assuming the title which formerly belonged to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

GWAR, AUROBOROS, ABSOLUTE VENGEANCE, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, also call D.C. home. A more extensive list of D.C.-bred bands can be found at THIS location.


Thrash/Power Metal. The band promise “high-voltage, no remorse, [and] devastation to the metal faithful.”


You can hear them on MySpace HERE and on Facebook HERE. Their Facebook page includes a few interesting videos and plenty of photos.


Albert Born – Drums
Witt Black – Guitar
Matt Rice – Vocals
Phil D’Arcangelis – Bass



Fans of the aforementioned may find themselves appreciating YESTERDAY’S SAINTS as well.


Check out their official website HERE and ReverbNation fan page HERE. Their Facebook, listed above, also bears a ton of information that includes tourdates, reviews, etc.
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1) 2009 Demo
Tracks: "Rage Within" and "Sick"
Distribution: "Rage Within" was featured as track 5 on "For The Headbangers - Brutal New Music Volume One", a compilation disc set up by Jamey Jasta. The disc was a free hand out at the Revolver, Hateware, I Luv Vagina, Monster Energy, and Dimeware tents at Up Roar, Mayhem, and OzFest in 2010. Also was previously available for digital download.
Radio Play: "Rage Within" - 102.1 FM "The X", Richmond, VA; CKRL 89.1 FM, Quebec City, Quebec; "Sick" - CKRL 89.1 FM, Quebec City, Quebec.

2) 2011 EP - Yesterday's Saints
Tracks: "Gates of Valhalla", "Prying Eyes", "Eye of the Storm", "War Method", and "Black Godless World".
Streaming: All of the 2011 EP tracks are streaming at Reverbnation, Facebook, MySpace, Jango, Last.Fm and IM Radio.
Distribution: Digital distribution through i-Tunes, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, Zune, Napster, Spotify and numerous others. Hard copy distribution at shows and at Rosehill Gulf, Springfield, VA.
Radio Play (Terrestrial): "Gates of Valhalla" - 102.1 FM "The X", Richmond, VA; CKRL 89.1 FM, Quebec City, Quebec; KRCL 90.9 FM, Salt Lake City, Utah; and KRSC 91.3 FM Claremore, Oklahoma; "Prying Eyes" and "War Method" - 102.1 FM "The X", Richmond, VA.
Radio Play (Online): "Gates of Valhalla" - Metal Messiah Radio, HeavyMetal.LU, IM Radio, Jango, and 101.9 Fox FM; "Black Godless World" - Jango, Eyes Sewn Shut Radio, and IM Radio; "War Method" - Jango and IM Radio; "Prying Eyes" - Jango and IM Radio.
Radio Interviews: Aired on August 14, 2011, 9pm hour on 102.1 FM "The X" - Richmond, VA. Tag lines also recorded.



Originally formed in 2008, Yesterday's Saints worked primarially as a local act until being featured in 2010 on "For The Headbangers - Brutal New Music Volume One" with Overkill, Kingdom of Sorrow, High on Fire, and others. Complied by Jamey Jasta.

In 2010 a line up change brought vocalist Matt Rice a new band to increase the metal fortitude of the band and expansion to a regional market. With influence from Slayer, Metallica (pre-Black Album), Scar Symmetry, Nevermore, Warbringer, Amon Amarth, Suffocation, Manowar, and others; Yesterday's Saints' sound has developed in to a heavy and very intense dynamic musical force. However, restriction to one metal sub-genre has yet to encompass Yesterday's Saints with Albert Born's drumming being complex and diverse and Matt Rice's vocals spanning from guttural lows accross 5 octaves to soaring highs. Yesterday's Saints musical composition, driven by Witt Black and Phil D'Arcangelis, contains depth and melodic complexity yet does not give up intensity or hook while lyrically maintaining individual song concepts.

Yesterday's Saints have been touring the US East Coast with eyes of international expansion with the release of their first full-length album in the coming year.