Yet Another Enemy

Yet Another Enemy


We're a Seattle based alternative rock band and have been playing together for about 3 years now. We just do original songs, and we put together a tight show. Our influences go from the contemporary Seattle sound back to our roots in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Although originally from Argentina, both Mario and Sergio met here in Seattle. Later on they coincidentally moved to the same condominium complex, and that is when they decided to start the band. Gustavo joined in virtually when he was still in Buenos Aires. In 2008 he moved to Washington and Yet Another Enemy became a full band in real time.


The Horizon Beyond

Written By: YAE

Her life was only speed,
she was a restless soul.
In this foolish world,
a frenetic ghost.
He was the inspiring angel,
just a little angel.
They used to fly around,
while harvesting some stars.
She was once a dreamer,
but now don’t sleep, no more.
Tell me who can dream,
with a sun that never sets.
And this ride, it’s been too long,
just to get farther away.
Did her journey ever begin?.
Does she know where to go?.

I’ll fly to the… rainbow.
And the horizon… beyond.
Oh God take me… there.
Oh Jesus hold… my hand.
A new life is… written.
My love… and your love.

No more… No days.
No more… No run.
No more… No days.
No more… No run.
Eternal nights...
Eternal love…
Forever you…

Pervasive Lies

Written By: YAE

You were a star, shining by the sun.
I was a scout, walking in the clouds.
Getting lost may be a way, for a life to start again.
Crossing the skies, cruising to your heart…
A grey city saw the start.

After a change, nothing ever is the same.
If 4 lips could be just one, far away is not that far.
And then all those dreams, a life of bliss.
If I could just replay, feel that passion once again.

That one day, when we made love..
had I known it’ll our last..
‘cause began as a few words, and came to dead over the phone.
Since I couldn’t take that loss, heading east again I was.
That really was a trip, to the darkest end of Hell.

Nothing was wrong, nothing is wrong.
Yet we couldn’t get it right.
Your shelter was a lie,
that with coldness you spread.
It will now become your symbol,
as a banner in my heart.

What is worth a single kiss?
The completeness of a touch.
I now breath a foolish hope,
will that spring ever arrive?

Don't Let It Go Away

Written By: YAE

When words are not enough, there is a song to sing.
A song to say I’m sorry, nothing better I could do.
I know you really trusted, but my best was not enough.
Now future is divergent, and mysterious… all the same.

How can you try again, a deception is what I was.
What is your inspiration, where the will is coming from?
Let me tell you, it is there; and will push you one more time.
Deep in you there is a river, that the Ocean wants to meet.

Think of those that every morning, draw a smile in a new day.
Think of mornings when the smiles, will be sleeping right next door.
And if such is not enough, let me make this invitation…
Think of mornings when the Sun, will be rising in your bed.

What are you gonna do?,
how are you gonna heal?
I know you’ll overcome it,
you still have a life to live.
One day you’ll be complete,
as my presence fades away.
You please just need to promise,
that the flame won’t go away.

Iskra (Spark)

Written By: YAE

There was poetry around, I was thirsty for your rhyme.
An oasis deep in you, I could see it through your eyes.
As a warrior dressed in silk, overwhelming you stood up.

That explosion from within, brought new meaning to my books.
As your clothing was moonlight, glorious empress rose that night.
‘Cause an angel came to earth, and was swimming by my side.

In those bubbles were my hands, and that warmth was my embrace.
My obsession, little baby; mesmerized by you I was.
Then I slowly stole that kiss, just to die and then reborn.
It was night, and there were stars.
It was cool, and there was breeze.
You were naked in my arms,
and an angel I could feel.
As your skin became my own,
our bodies disappeared,
giving space to our souls,
making more than only love.
Then those leafs were our crown.
You were savoring my chest.
I’m still clinging to that moment,
as it’s now a part of me.

You Set Me Free

Written By: YAE

I hear you talking, I see you close.
Those words you’re using, they could be mine.
It’s fine to pray, it’s good to love.
And cross the bridge, while holding hands.

No rush to talk, no need to fill.
A night of spring, and quiet scenes.
Where is my future? Who has a plan?
Could be ahead, might be behind.

I speak my mind, I let words out.
Because it’s you and we are the same
A twin existence, a fresh new start.
You share my space, you drive my way.

You set me free…
You let me be…

You set me free…
You see through me…

You set me free…
You touch me deep…

You set me free…
You give me peace…

A New Order

Written By: YAE

What is the point, why should I?
My soul is stuck, I see no chance to escape.
Reality hurts, it’s a whole world against me.
Yet I don’t get it, frightening wall.
I can only surrender, go down on my knees.

Why me, Why you,……
Nobody deserves, nobody fights back.
There is little chance for silence, I cannot connect the dots.
While my mind doesn’t stop, the hours go by.
It’s a land of confusion, unreal as my days.

But I need those illusions.
Have to get my dreams back.
With an army of angels,
I will conquer the skies.
And that old inspiration,
will come back to my life.

This is the hour, the time has come.
What we know will be transformed.
Let the strongest emerge,
and the passion ignite.
Let’s spread this new order,
the one deep inside.

And that old inspiration,
will come back to my life.

Ni-Hon Yume

Written By: YAE

Can you dream her rising look?, can you dream her sunny touch?
Can you dream the shiniest shell?, can you dream the warmest clam?
Can you dream the darkest hair?, can you dream the softest skin?
Can you dream the smell of flowers?, can you dream a melody?

I can wish her in the day, I can savor her at night.
I can see her in the sun, I can paint her with the stars.

I can photograph that smile, I can kiss her in my arms.
I can love her naked body, I can just sit down and be.
To her magic I surrender, to the way she melts me down.
To those fingers my respect, to those lips I want to play.
To my senses she?fs a gift, to my joy a real drug.
To my pleasure she?fs a song, let me have you once again.

This is what happens east,
this is why she?fs a dream.
All wars are won in battles,
and love is built on moons.
Let?fs feast our eyes with Tokyo,
while dancing in the night.
A dance that is as real,
as the way you lit me up.

On Dispersion And Togetherness

Written By: YAE

At some point I came to accept, that a spirit needs some rest.
But acceptance can be hard, when you always have denied.
Imperfection could be fine, as fulfillment is the bar.

After mentioning that false, a big true would get unveiled.
And those boxes that were locked, have now just a single key.
Let me call it resurrection, as my life had a reset.

It’s a story from a time, when those roads were not in maps.
Revelation though it was, evolution should be called.
As dispersion disappeared, and ideas came together.

How to keep it all together,
when dispersion is the rule.
How to shine in single colors,
when your life is like a prism.
After entering the tunnel,
the one exit is ahead,
though the challenge you will face,
many pathways look that way.

Recognition was intense,
and ironic how it happened.
Different world, without a timeline,
and a beach under the sun.
There was also a furious set,
where some wildness spoke for you.

In A Sunny Day of Love

Written By: YAE

Then we turned into that street
as the night was fading in.
Into ashes it will fall,
and from there resurrect.
Well some things are meant to last,
just a sunny day of Love.
In my arms your body screamed,
with your hands you ripped me off.
You were juicy as the spring,
you were trees in a new day.
‘Cause we shared what we are,
in a sunny day of Love.
You went white, my choice was dark,
as we entered the red cave.
What is now, what is to be,
it was written over gold.
And those words will be the photo,
of a sunny day of Love.
What is new reshapes yourself,
and your holiness expands.
All that water from the east,
felt like fire setting in.
In our loneliness, together,
and a sunny day of Love.
On and off you were asleep,
almost switching between dreams.
More is less, and less is more,
and forever only now.
May be happiness just is,
a few sunny days of Love.
May be happiness just is,
a few sunny days of Love.
May be happiness just is,
a few sunny days of Love.
May be happiness just is,
a few sunny days of Love.

The Other Crowd

Written By: YAE

Tell me what you see when you look into my eyes.
I’ll tell you what I see when I look into yours
I see the look of discrimination,
I feel the fear of the population,
And if I read your look correctly
You want out of there.

Do you really want to know who we are
Do you really want to know where we go
And where we come from

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Set List

Our set is about one hour long. The show starts with a high energy opening set of songs, followed by a few more intimate songs.The shows revs up again for an intense finale.

Song List:

You Set Me Free
Pervasive Lies
Al Nono
Dont Let It Go Away
New Order
On Dispersion And Togetherness
Sunny Day of Love