Yeti Lane
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Yeti Lane

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE
Band Pop


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"10 tracks you have to hear this week"

So summer has galloped away like a fat child chasing a van full of Biscuit Boosts, but fear not; serotonin-boosting joy can be summoned up simply by listening to the beautiful debut single by this Pavement-loving Parisian trio which brings to mind a krautrockin’ Grandaddy. In case you’re wondering, George is a real-life hero in a halfshell; he’s the last surviving 90-plus-year-old Pinta Island tortoise – a subspecies of the Galapagos Island tortoise made famous by Charles Darwin. Thankfully, he might be not be lonesome for much longer now that five eggs have been found in his nest. We’ll find out next month if there will be any little Georges or Georginas... - NME


LP : "Yeti Lane" - Clapping Music
Single : "Lonesome George/This Day" - Clapping Music
EP : "Twice" - Clapping Music



Weaving guitars reminiscent both of David Grubbs and the Velvet Underground, electronic
patchworks of vintage synthesizers and intense drums pulled off directly from the 70s, Yeti Lane may have
found a magical recipe.
You know the saying : every end is a new departure: and Yeti Lane have no other lesson to teach us as they
are three-quarter of oxygen-fueled folk unit Cyann & Ben (who released a trilogy of albums on both sides of
the Atlantic) reborn with a new body and new moniker.
Yet Yeti Lane is first and foremost a brand new band, born in the midst of a creative blowup and of
a crave for rebirth rather than in the sad days of a collapse (the three members Ben, LoAc and Charlie still
have to deplore the departure of Cyann): after a definitive change of name to hasten the final phase of
mutation, the new adventure began in the first days of 2008. The three musicians turned their back on the
ethereal atmospheres of their previous band and started experimenting with the more immediate dynamics of
rhythm driven indie rock and a whole a new playground of possibilities: elastic pop melodies, tribal beats,
krautrock synths and hypnotic guitars.
The trio then hastened to composing and recordings tracks in their new studio in order to capture
their reborn creativity. Songwriting was immediately precise and polished. Rather than turning their back on
the demands of the pop song format, they toyed around with it by breathing an unheard sense of the epic and
erudite arrangements into it, and experimenting both with the DIY tradition and rock traditions. Displaying
an impressive prototype of modern psychedelics, Yeti Lane quote British folk music, Akron/Family, Animal
Collective, Deerhoof or The Fiery Furnaces but know what they owe to Syd Barrett, Kraftwerk or the
Flaming Lips.
Yeti Lane, Yeti Lane’s first album, is a piece of music which illuminates with every new listen,
through its atmospheres, beats and melodies as much as through its words, tells of separations and difficulties
concluded by resolutions and teachings. Toward a new departure.