From B.E.T.’s “106th & Park” to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Yewande has become one of the most sought after independent artists in the world. Her socially charged brand of Urban Rock tells stories of human frailty with the angst of Rock and the power of Soul! Are you ready for the journey?


* 2005 AMP Energy Drink/Mountain Dew Artist
* 2005 "Gold Arist"
* 2005 Campus Activities Magazine's "Hot New Music Acts"
* 2005 Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities' "Best Solo Artist of the Year" - Final 4
* 2004 Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities' “Best Solo Artist of the Year” - Winner
* 2004 2nd Place International Winner (out of 11,000 entries) - International Songwriting Competition
* 2004 American Entertainment Magazine’s “Top 5 Music Acts”
* 2004 Campus Activities Magazine’s “Top 20 Campus Acts”
* 2003 1st Place National Winner - Steve Madden/VH1’s national Rock n’ Sole Competition
* 2003 International Finalist - Billboard Magazine World Songwriting Competition
* 2003 International Finalist - U. S. A. Songwriting Competition

In an industry that promotes one flavor after the other, Yewande (pronounced E-wán-day) has become one of the most sought after independent artists in the world. In just over two years since founding Lotus Records, her socially charged brand of Urban Rock music has captured audiences from B. E. T.'s "106th & Park" to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and taken center stage with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Enrique Iglesias, Michelle Branch, India.Arie, Sean Paul, A Simple Plan, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Clay Aiken and Katy Rose. As one of the "Best Solo Artists" on the national college scene, her music and compelling lecture-concerts on popular culture are inspiring a new generation of listeners to rock life on their own terms. And her critically acclaimed self-written/produced debut EP "Evolution" (funded in part by Steve Madden Shoes) brings the dawn of change in today's music. But it is likely her Yoruba birth name (meaning "reincarnation of grandmother") that has already placed Yewande amongst the great storytellers of our time.

Her Louisiana roots tell Blues-tinged stories of human frailty with the angst of Rock and the power of Soul. Classically trained in piano and voice from an early age, Yewande was once poised for the Metropolitan Opera, but always felt her calling was far removed from hitting high E flats in corseted gowns. In a sea of indistinguishable voices, her powerful vibrato has been hailed as “a voice heard only once in a lifetime.” And much like her progressive contemporaries – Outkast, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, Meshell N’degeocello, Kina and Black Eyed Peas – Yewande’s soul-stirring songs dare to be bound by genre. “My music is written from the depths of our everyday struggles to just make it through life…that can’t be categorized.” Because this unique sound never "fit" mainstream airwaves, Yewande often struggled to find a place for her music. But in spite of mounting pressure to conform to nursery school rhymes and video seduction, she was convinced that being a “conscious” artist could equate commercial success. And so with unshakable faith and demand from listeners around the world, Yewande set out to bridge the gap between music, race and culture....on her own terms.

In this mixed up, crazy world, perhaps it is this young artist’s relentless search for truth that has captured the hearts of so many. Injected with a fusion of “live” band, international sounds and Pop sensibilities, her refreshing approach to writing and production has been critically praised from Seventeen to the U. K.’s Blues & Soul magazines. Love, struggle, freedom, race and religion are only some of the themes that will carry you through this raw sketch of the human race. With airplay as far away as the BBC and Tokyo FM, Yewande has secured her position as a leader in the movement to reclaim today's true music. And with 5 recordings distributed throughout nearly 13 countries throughout Europe, Ireland and Japan, Yewande's soul-stirring sound is clearly redifining how we look at life and listen to music. Are you ready for a change? The journey begins with Yewande....

"Yewande is the best new performer I have seen on the college circuit this past year!” – Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA)

“Sultry, smoky and yet imbued with a honey-like sweetness, Yewande’s voice resonates with a spellbinding, earthy soulfulness.” - Blues & Soul Magazine, London

"This is one of the most soulful vocal performances I've heard all year. If you're looking for a singer who's different from the rest and brings back the musical and lyrical depth that is missing from so many records these days, then Yewande is your new favorite singer!" -, Germany

“Yewande’s style of singing is not to be confused with other celebrities that have little substance and even less talent. As soon as she opens her mouth a new day is born." – Fairleigh Dickinson College “Equinox”

"Yewande's bluesy, funky and rocky voice shines through every heartfelt soul groove." – Tokyo FM, Japan

“Soul-stirring and fresh. Yewande is a refreshing force in a musically stagnant industry.” - Honey Magazine



Written By: Yewande - Song and Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder
How to get over
The shame, shame, shame
Pictures of the life
That I left behind
What a silly game

I’m tryin’ to hold on to love
In the worst kind of way
I just wanna hide
Until tomorrow

I just wanna run
And leave the world behind
Got me stressin’ bout the sorrow
Need my peace of mind
I see a light shine ahead of me
Oh, can I turn it on
Will I run?

Sometimes it seems
There just ain’t no joy
In the fame, fame, fame
Celebrity, they’re calling me
They don’t even know my name

I’m tryin’ to hold on to hope
In this house of pain
I just wanna hide
Until tomorrow


I just wanna leave this little life of mine
Spread my arms in the air and play outside
Toss my hair from side to side just to know I’m alive


Written By: Yewande - Song and Lyrics

The preacher’s kneeling at the altar
Preaching his religion
Laid back in his Mercedes Benz
You reek of lavish compromise

Give unto me all of thy wealth
To satisfy my sweet provisions
Trust in nothing but iniquity
The congregation cries, that’s why I’m

So distraught
Can’t find my way
What’s right or wrong
Why do you think I think sing these songs, because I’m
So distraught
I just can’t, I just can’t find my way

Hey lover, come closer to me
Tell me of your vision
You professin’ love eternal
When all you breath is lies
One flesh, one bond forever
Broken by a bad decision
To love Tijuana, Mary, Jackie and Diane
That is why, you see I’m


Won’t you tell me, tell me
Why do you do,
Why you lift me up and make me blue
Got me spinnin’ round, round the world
Just to be your girl


Written By: Yewande - Song and Lyrics

Don’t you
Remember me
Prayed I
Was the one
Would always
Be by your side
Wanna take me to the water side.

Now your back (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
From outerspace
Thought you’d left
The human race
When you took my heart
I fell apart
Never thought you’d go that far
So I took some time
To analyze
A situation comprised
But I’m alright
I’m so divine and
Undeniably satisfied
I’m satisfied
I’m satisfied

Passing time
Got nothing left
Laid to rest
In the game of
Truth or dare
A little girl in deep despair


(I)/ I still
(Still)/Still want you
(Want)/You couldn’t buy love
(You)/I’m gonna give it to you
I still want your love


Written By: Yewande - Song and Lyrics

Father, won’t you weep
Shed a tear for leaving me
(a tear oh, Father), won’t you weep
A little while

Dear father,
(It’s me)
I been wondering
Where you been

Flown around the world
And (back for your love)
Trust and understanding
Do you know who I am?

Oh, father, won’t you weep for me (try, try)
Try just to let me know if you feel
Feel sorry for leaving me blind

Oh, father, won’t you weep for me (try, try)
Try just to let me know if you feel
Feel sorry for leaving me blind inside

You stand there
(In my dreams)
(Denying, rectifying)
Where you been

Born unto this cold world
(Alone, now and ever….forever)
Shall I return humbled
To the earth once again


Oh, father
Won’t you try to find (my father, my my father)
Me some comfort for a little while (my father, my dear father)
I need some shelter
Shelter from the pain
Your silent anger (kills again)


"Just Soul" Digital Download - Just Soul Records (London), 2006

"Evolution" EP - Lotus Records (Indie), 2005

"This Is Soul" Compilation CD - Soul Brother Records (London), 2005

"Best of Organic Soul" Compilation CD - Universal Japan (Japan), 2004

"Organic Soul III" Compilation CD - Soul Brother Records (London), 2003

"Best New Writers" Compilation CD - Songwriters Hall of Fame, 2003

"Soul Expedition" Compilation CD - Ford Motor Cars (U.S.A.), 2002

Unreleased Demo - "Rufus", 2002 Featured Song

Unreleased Demo - "Float Away" and "Rufus", 2001 Featured Songs

* All releases have been streamed or received radio airplay

Set List

* Set Length - 45-60 minute sets (per the request of each venue)
* Set List - Combination of original songs written by Yewande with Pop, Rock and Soul cover songs:

Float Away
Psalm 27
Pass Me By

Killing Me Softly – Lauryn Hill
Do Whop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin Degraw
Long Walk - Jill Scott
Secrets – Alicia Keyes
Video - India.Arie
One Thing - Amerie
Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
Fighter - Christina Aguilera
The Remedy - Jason Mraz
Lady Marmalade - Patti Labelle/Christina Aguilera
You Gotta Be - Des'ree
I'm Kissing You - Des'ree
Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
Gimme One Good Reason - Tracy Chapman
A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
Whenever, Wherever - Shakira
Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz
Sweet Thing – Chaka Khan
People Make the World Go Round – The Stylistics
Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin
Respect - Ar