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Kiev, Kyiv City, Ukraine | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Kiev, Kyiv City, Ukraine
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo Pop Indie





Indie / experimental pop group Yeyo – one of our favourite current acts in Ukraine – is back with a restless EP aptly titled “Freedom”.

Previously known as её (and with that name introduced on beehype), Yeyo was formed in 2016 by two Kyiv-based musicians, Katya Ofliyan and Igor Biryuchenko, later joined by the bass player Zakhar Borisenko.

Their music combined Katya’s passionate, soul-like vocals with Igor’s electronic arrangements, which brought us something between indie-pop and neo-R&B, with a unique sound and songwriting quality you rarely come across even on the global level.

Their early works were both beautiful and challenging, even agressive. And that’s also true about their most recent relese, the 5-track EP called “Freedom”.

You can start this restless journey with two videos off this album, both directed by Simon Mozgovyi and released almost simultanously for a bigger impact.

“Javier” (watch above) is a perfect introduction to yeyo and an example of their unique approach to sound and songwriting. Somehow they manage to combine tribal atmosphere and raw energy with extremely intelligent tricks in the arrangements (did we mention “restless”?). You should also check our this song in the Ukrainian version, which might seem even more interesting.

“Wake Up” is the second of those two single, and a very different one – maybe except for Katya’s passionate vocals. In just over 3 minutes, this song should confuse you enough to get you play it again (several times), and then move on to other songs, with each one adding new instruments, colours and moods. -

"At Cost Magazine"

YEYO is the trio of vocalist Kateryna Ofliian, drummer Ihor Biriuchenko and bassist Zakhar Borisenko, whose experimental sounds draw their influences from growing up in the Soviet tower blocks of Ukraine. Their latest track “Wake Up” finds itself in the chaos of its post-Soviet aesthetic with neither foot firmly planted in east nor west. Channeling the otherworldly feel of its Soviet futurism, the erratic beat patterns of “Wake Up” are met with a menacing brass sound and the shocking shrill of Kateryna’s vocals. Lost in between its snide references to Tina Turner and space-age dystopia, in its orderly disorder, “Wake Up” spirals into "Shchedryk”, commonly known as “Carol of the Bells” in the West as its wonderful sendoff. -


EP "Freedom" (2016), LP "Cholovik-Muza" (2017), and three music videos "Javier", " Wake Up", "Cholovik-Muza".



YEYO is a musical duet playing “neurotic pop”. Strong feminist vibes, bizarre storytelling, mix of electronic samples with live drums and vocal. Each live performance is honest and explosive. You can feel groove, extraordinary sound and charisma.

The band was formed in 2016 and participated in many Ukrainian Festivals. For 2 years we presented: EP "Freedom" (2016), LP "Cholovik-Muza" (2017), and three music videos "Javier", " Wake Up", "Cholovik-Muza".

In September 2018, the group visited the most prestigious festival in Scandinavia - Live at Heart, where they’ve received a lot of good feedback from European promoters and bookers. A month later, the band performed in Toronto at the Indie Week festival. In April 2019 YEYO had a few gigs in Poland and Germany.

The lyrics touch upon different aspects of a person’s social adjustment. A lot of songs are about men and women and their part in each other’s lives, interpersonal relations. The songs are in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

There are lots of references to the Ukrainian and world cultures. YEYO lyrics refer to nostalgic memories and a state of modern reality. A careful listener will hear feminist vibes and a rejection of an "odd" personality by society.

Press about us:

"It is one of the most original bands which appeared in Ukraine over the past years." —

"They’re progressive, fashionable, and exciting, just like a re-emergent Kyiv, all while making some of the most interesting music videos you’ve yet to see!" — Post Pravda Magazine

"In the harsh feminist lyrics, she compares herself to soldier Jane and explains that you need to fight back against your offender. National distinctiveness doesn’t catch the eye as much as thorough changed perception of a vile post-Soviet reality. But it isn’t perceived as previously described hell, it is a point of personal growth and a battlefield". —

"The trio from Kiev have played together only for several years, they are considered as a hope of Ukrainian music. The songs are in three languages, they have an unusual approach to the sound, their music is very beautiful and distinctive." —The Flow

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