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East Main
Ice Cream
Hundred Dolla Bill



Imagine the role between the consumer and the purveyor, the product and the producer, the businessman and the business. Regardless of the bond connecting the supplier to what is being supplied, a hustler is only as good as what is fashioned from the hustle. Ohio the center of all influences from the south, east coast, and west has bred one of most raw and rarest talents discovered in this era of fallible artist. Y.G. stands singularly as one of the most electrifying merchants of street credibility to emerge in years. Appreciative underground testimonials like “Hundred Dollar Bills”, “Killin Em”, and “East Main” has solidified his position in the Hip Hop culture and made believers out of everyone he has encountered from producers, promoters, and artists alike. In this region of the country Y.G. has created nothing short of a movement. Now the world will have the opportunity to experience what insiders have been buzzing about with his debut album “Based On A True Story”.

Having lost many things in his life,(time, family, and friends) Y.G.’s (born Marcus Vancleaf) beginnings were meager and indignant. Fraught initially in the banes of poverty, his first glimpse of perseverance was given to him by his parents keeping him submerged in church, which pacified his premature affinity for street life. Like many artist, the church is where his passion for music was cultivated. However, the paltry conditions of the less fortunate weighed heavy and the assimilation into the streets drudgery began. Y.G. has always had the innate ability to simultaneously remain both decent and decadent. While he affiliated himself with gangs and gang activities. He also fell in love with spoken word and the art of using music to edify ones own personal experiences. He focused on mastering his craft. By adulthood he was creditable, in both life, and song. This dichotomy has created a perfect union exemplified in his musical autobiography “Based On A True Story”. Coupled with family and lifelong friends Y.G. created the group “Xtreme Kaution”(XK) which grew and evolved into a profitable organization “Yellow Tape Corporation”. After a stint of incarceration (de-glorified in his songs) Y.G. suffered a tragic loss when his brother James aka “Ush” was gunned down in a botched robbery. To an almost debilitating extent, Y.G. recreated himself through his music, and re-invigorated his passion and promise to his brother.

Since then, under the leadership, tutelage and financial support of Y.G. the Yellow Tape Corporation has sold over 8,000 mix tapes of YTG Radio Volume I, and over 12,000 mix tapes of YTG Radio Volume II. His debut album “Based On A True Story” to date has matched those sales since its unofficial release earlier this summer. Y.G. himself has made over 800 songs, including collaborations with other artist reaching from Philadelphia and New Jersey, to as far as Los Angeles, and San Diego. He has also shared the stage with some of today’s most successful and relevant artist such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Puck, Gucci Mane, And Cassidy just to name a few. Y.G. has performed at a variety of venues in the neighboring cities of his hometown as well as every major hot spot in Columbus, Ohio. Y.G .’s experience, talent and drive illustrate a propensity for success. He is destined to have a Lasting career in the entertainment industry and beyond