yikes! a lion!

yikes! a lion!


were a 2 piece folk/punk band out of Los Angeles and we love to play shows! we drink pabst, we play house shows, and we always get the cops called. Basically, we love to party!


we met through mutual friends around the summer of 2005 and through the course of our friendship realized that we both had similar tastes in music and wanted to start a band. In November of 2008 after years of "talking about it" we finally got together and started practicing on rough ideas for songs. A month later we landed our name and got our first show. We didn't find a bassist in time so we decided to just go with it, and the rest was history. Since then weve played countless shows, toured the west coast, and released a self titled e.p.


Single: "Same Old Things"
EP's: "Yikes! a Lion!" (self titled)

Radio Airplay: KUCI 88.9 FM

Set List

1.) Livin in LA
2.) Pabst & Whiskey
3.) Same Old Things
4.) Wasteland
5.) Monday
6.) Bryan & Eden Song
7.) 500 miles (cover by The Proclaimers)

Run time: approx. 45 mins