Yiorgos Psihoyios trio
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Yiorgos Psihoyios trio

Athens, Attica, Greece | INDIE

Athens, Attica, Greece | INDIE
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"Giorgos Psyhogios is improvising: From baroque to rock!"

Giorgos Psihogios, is a unique and important composer, pianist, accordion player and improviser and so he proved in his performance at the Onassis Cultural Center.

The sui generic artist has shown a remarkable musical evolution and is accustomed to the whole musical phrasing, from the most tonic to atonic syllables. For him, improvising is the target. He calls himself a classical pianist and jazz is his hobby. He is a fan of Beethoven’s sonnets (performing, emphasizing, covering, degenerating, recovering) and also of Keith Jarret’s multidimensional genius. In his improvisation at the Onassis Cultural Center he went though every key of the piano. Through his complex and long performances he traveled through many different genres. Time in his work is irrelevant. As he admits, when he improvises his is in his own ‘unrealistic time’. Moreover, musical time is relatively altered as he mixes all kinds of genres. From baroque to classical, romanticism we jump to the impressionism of Ravel, Debussy as well as jazz and even rock! And back!!

Climax and anticlimax occur in tension and rhythm. From soft melodies to hammering the keys, and from slow playing to a thunderous rhythm, Psyhogios is trying to explore all the instruments abilities.

He is also very very passionate. And since his improvisation is relieving, his passion has a positive outcome. While playing the piano he taps his feet and his voice is accompanying the music. He can’t do otherwise. These sounds are his ego, his artistic treasure. And when he plays he is becoming complex, he spreads, he multiplies and he dissolves! He is truly remarkable!

In his own words: ‘when playing the piano you have ten voices in your two hands. Hundreds of notes create millions of sound clouds creating the deeply sentimental sound of the piano. Every note, after the previous one, has to be united and in order to play legato, smoothly and connected - you have to unite millions of time pieces and devote your mind to every key’.

Giorgos Smyrnis
Monopolis.gr, 25/1/2012 - Monopolis.gr (January 2012)


It’s about the first release by a specialized in the piano and the accordion,Yiorgos Psihogios, who signs the composition and the instrumentation at eight from ten orchestrical themes of this cd. With him are Alexandros Tsamis (percussion), Nikos Xatzopoulos ( electric bass), Yiorgos Xanthakos (tenor saxophone), Ronald Hoffman (acoustic and electric guitar), and Solis Barkis (percussion). The jazz compositions of Yiorgos Psihogios are imaginative, absolutely melodic, eloquent and it’s a kind of conversation between himself and his art, as exactly happens with Greek jazz musicians. Fans of this kind of music must hear this cd!

three stars
Magazine: Ihos & Eikona (Sound and Vision) / March 2007
- "Sound and Vision" Magazine (March 2007)


The unknown to us (until now) but with great studies and awarded as well, pianist / accordionist Yiorgos Psihogios is coming into the jazz music, with an album, that may not bring something new, or something that shows us that it was recorded in Greece (and it might be happened), this work gives us the opportynity though to meet him, and appreciate positive what it seems to interest him. And what is that? A coexistence between classic and jazz improvisation.

Psihogios, depending mostly on his own c?mpositions, (the traditional “Scarborough fair” and a composition by Johny Mercer can’t change things), and on the contribution of a great group (composed by Alexandros Tsamis at percussion, Nikos Xatzopoulos at bass, Yiorgos Xanthakos at tenor saxophone, Ronald Hofmann at guitars, Solis Barkis at percussion) and a stringed quartet as well, creates a free place, where there is a fight between the pianistic narration, like Keith Jattett and the latin, oriental, romantic or any other points.

The result is excellent, showing us, first of all, that we have to do with an accompished musician and second the fact that Greece can produce works that may not be exclusively “greek”, but they have an authenticity certificate.

Fontas Trousas
Jazz & Tzaz magazine (March 2007)
- "Jazz & Tzaz" Music Magazine (March 2007)


I arrived at the French Institute right after Yiorgos Psihoyios’ concert had started. After he and his band had played a jazz tune with Brazilian lyrics, he explained to the audience that jazz is an exchange of views between musicians on a familiar theme. Indeed, if one would pay attention to the expressions on the musicians’ faces, they would detect a silent agreement between them.

‘Bossa Cubana’ by ‘Luis Chaniveky’ followed. After he finished playing the song, Yiorgos told us the story of the next song, the second of his album "Love Obsession - A jazz sensation 2", which is the aria of Eurydice from the opera Orpheus and Eurydice by Mimis Plessas. He decided to arrange this song into a disco adaptation, which was allowed by the composer. The result was really pleasant.

Among other tunes, they played ‘Blue Monk’ by Thelonious Monk, ‘How Insensitive’, and ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ by Antonio Carlos Jobim, international bossa nova hit in the 1960s, the last track on the album with Lefki Kolovou on the cello, Duke Ellington, all with passion, excellent skillfulness, sound colour, imagination and feeling.

It is not by chance that the artist, among others, has received Euphemistic Praise of Remarkable Genius, neither that Keith Jarett praised him by saying that his improvisation is an unbelievable gift from God. Apart from the music pieces which he plays with the band, he doesn’t rehearse the rest of his pieces. He is the only pianist I’ve ever seen- apart from the great Chick Corea ... that played with the strings of a grand piano.

At some point, he noticed his accordion teacher in the audience and played ‘Love dies in Paris’, on the accordion naturally. Track No 4 of his album followed, which is about love reaching the point of crime, a very powerful and passionate work.

The concert ended with the beloved piece ‘Besame mucho’. The introductions of the musicians followed- Christos Assonitis on the drums and Yiorgos Konstantinou on the double bass. The concert was a remarkable experience.

I wish them all a successful career, more album releases and more concerts for us to attend.

Published by:
Greek music stage- Eleni Eliopoulou (Feb. 2008)
- "Exodos" Magazine (February 2008)


A long time ago, a couple of reader-friends of my column wrote very good comments about this little album. I had not yet received it by that time.

It arrived a little while later. Instead of placing it on top of the CD pile which are standing by for me to listen to them, I let it take its turn to the sound speakers.

There are some foolish things I do; and I find the few albums released which are worth listening to after a long time ... and after the “rags” have covered me with endless hours of foolishness.
Where am I? At “Love Obsession IV”! Short of breath, since the musical tempest I hear can only be compared with Shakespear’s “Tempest”.

Right now, I listen to exploding and superhuman skillful things.
And I climb ... the piano’s scales and roll on the violin’s and the cello’s strings, and I dance to Natasha Bofiliou’s voice that insists on asking “Ti in’ afto pou to lene agapi?” (translated “What is this thing called love?”) And I move to and fro with the breaths of the saxophones and then surrender myself to the sweet sadness of the piano again for comfort.

Yiorgos Psihoyios surprises me for the second time with his musicality and with the way he manages to communicate with the rest of the musicians’ souls reaching such a deeply moving result. And so beautiful.

Even if you are not a “fan” of jazz music, you must have this album. For it includes pieces of your life and memories of your great loves. Excellent.

Which tracks did you notice?
I noticed how “vivid” and direct the Live recording sounds. It took place in the concert hall of the Greek Athens Music School, free of fake ‘depths’ and technical tricks. I noticed the sound of the accordion that took me to the shores of Seine River, from where the double bass lifted me to bring me gently to my bed.
Where I lay, I close my eyes, listen to the next track and recall!

An album which may be much more colourful than Yiorgos’ previous album, but still as sensual and deeply humane.

Should I buy it then?
May you be in a moved emotional state when you buy it, and prepared to listen to it for great emotional experiences. Cheers.

Georgia Laimou / March 2008

- "Ethnos" Daily newspaper (March 2008)


The second album of the exquisite pianist and accordionist Yiorgos Psihoyios is here to prick up our ears and shut our eyes, while, it is possible to shut some people’s mouths as well. Eleven tracks and a song were recorded in the concert hall of the Greek School of Music. They sound as if they had been endlessly processed in studio.
Right from the beginning, the tunes create a passionate atmosphere and sensual associations through completely jazzy sounds.

More specifically, out of the eleven tracks on the album, seven are Yiorgos’ compositions, two are Mimis Plessas’ (his familiar personal style is evident in both tunes) and the two remaining tunes are arrangements of the compositions of the Cuban composers, Louis Channiveky and Mario Flores.

Natasha Bofiliou deserves to be praised for her performance in the one and only song of the album. The song is an arrangement of Takis Morakis’ “Ti ine afto pou to lene agapi” (translated “What is this thing called love”) from the original soundtrack of the film “Boy on a Dolphin”.
In general, up-beat tunes are the ones to impress the audience the most.

With a predominant piano sound in most of the tracks, they give a very pleasant hearing.

Michalis Gelasakis
- “Difono” Music Magazine (Janouary 2008)


"RESURRECTION, a jazz sensation" - 2005
Feauturing: Mimis Plessas
Label: Artway - Technotropon / Polytropon
Distribution: Universal

Airplay: Astor & Tristeza

"LOVE OBSESSION, a jazz sensation 2" - 2007
Feauturing: Mimis Plessas & Natassa Bofiliou
Label: Artway - Technotropon / Polytropon
Distribution: Universal

Airplay: Emmanuela & Boy on a dolphin

Feauturing: Dimitris Vassilakis, George Kontrafouris, Takis Barberis, Nikos Terzakis, Mimis Plessas and many others.
Label: Artway - Technotropon / Polytropon
Distribution: Soundforge

Airplay: The art of melancholy one, Island & My funny Valentine




Yiorgos Psihogios was born in Athens in 1970. He started studying the accordion when he was 14 years old at the Greek Odeon.He graduated in 1987 and he took his diploma with A excellent. He continued his studies at the experimental Odeon and finished his studies taking the diploma of the piano soloist with A excellent.

Yiorgos continued his studies in the Theory of Music with the composer - pianist Mr Manos Skarvelis. He has also attempted seminars of Contemporary Music Analysis and Notation, Lead of Orchestra, and participated in seminars of Piano and Chamber Music with many exceptional foreign pianists (Oxana Yablonskaya, Ellen Traganas, Lev Vlanskeko, duo Ganev and others)

Yiorgos apart from his pianist career in classical music, has been also occupied with Jazz Music and Improvisation, with great success as well.

He’s been also a Piano Teacher for several years at odeons and music schools. He has created and leaded since 1998 the Students’ Orchestra and Chorus of the Economic University of Athens.

Yiorgos Psihogios has staged many recitals of piano improvisation in Greece, with further recognition from the critics and the audience.

From 2004 he is part of the Mimis Plessas Orchestra, participating with him in great concerts all over Greece.

He also cooperates with well known jazz soloists and orchestras, while he is travelling with his trio all over Greece.


In 1993, he performed for the first time with his composition for strings and the piano under the title "Sea colored purple".

In 1994, was participated in the world competition for young composers "Ensemble Modern du Montreal" in Canada and won the Second Award among 130 candidates.

In 1995, he composed this first concert for violin and orchestra under the title "The death of Tango" for accordion and percussion, strings and classical quitar.

In 1999 he performed at the "Pallas Theatre" with his symphonic composition under the title "Medousa" with the Contemporary Orchestra of the National Television.

In 2001, his composition "Deep Blue" for Piano and Strings was recorded by the Modern Orchestra of ERT. The same play was performed the String Orchestra of the Greek National Opera, on January 2010, with great success.

In 2004, his composition "Ecuador’ for strings and the "Deep Blue 2" were recorded by the Modern Orchestra of the National Television.

At the 10th Biennale of Venice (2006), Yiorgos Psihogios with Mikis Theodorakis, were the two only Greek Composers who participated and honored as well. Yiorgos Psihogios participated with the score "Medousa".

He has released three c.d.'s, feauturing great jazz soloists, with great reviews.

The great composer and improvisator Keith Jarret has told about Yiorgos Psihoyios: "A great pianist and composer! George's improvisation is an incredible gift of God! An absolute surprise to me".