BandR&BHip Hop

We're looking to bring a different style/genre to the industry of music. We both sing, both rap, AND also produce, which means our songs vary from r&b ballads to hip hop club songs. We are true artists who never paints the same picture with our music. -YK


YK(Young knowledge) biography

The foundation of a great music career consists of great musicians. With that in mind, a new kind of HIP-HOP/R&B is emerging. Lil T aka Tony Edmond Jr., born in Miami, Florida raised in Atlanta, Georgia, was born on July 20th, 1986. Bama Boy aka Chivas Kimber, was born on February 3, 1984. He was born in Columbus, Georgia, raised in Phenix City, Alabama but also lived in Killeen, Texas. Lil T’s interest in music sparked about five years ago in Atlanta with friends that enjoyed to FREESTYLE and WRITE lyrics as a hobby back in high school. Bama Boy grew up SINGING in the choir and started RAPPING in the 9th grade with friends.

Bama and T met overseas in Vilseck, Germany while both of their parents were serving in the United States Army. With Bama Boy being a rapper/singer and Lil T having that R&B rapper appeal, their styles complimented each other so well that they formed a group called YK aka Young Knowledge. Overseas they did shows with B2K's J Boog and Lil' Fizz, former Bad Boy Entertainment artist: Loon, and numerous shows which they were the headliners, one of which was held at the Diva Palace in Bamberg, which is said to be one of the biggest dance clubs in Germany. T and Bama also gained radio airplay overseas and had the pleasure of doing several radio interviews with AFN radio personality, Kim Porter. With their singing and rapping style of music, their versatility led them to attract fans from all around the world. With YK's skills developing, they also built an entourage including their DJ, Dj Hollywood, two managers, Tony Edmond Sr. and Joe Miller, hype man, Chris Hollis, and other artists like Latex from "The Coalition", Crucifix,and Lp.

Currently, back in the United States for the first time in four years, YK is anxious to show their home country what new tricks they have under their sleeves. YK has just released their third album entitled "Paintin' Picturez" on July 3, 2007. Lil T and Bama Boy ensure that it will give fans a different view on music. You shouldn't limit yourself to one thing. If there's a will, there's a way and YK is on theirs to the top.


Paintin' Picturez EP. Released July 3, 2007. Our single from the album, "Pain Eraser", recieves airplay from various college stations and soon national stations will be a part of our campaign.

Set List

We have no set number of songs we perform at a venue. It depends on the occasion. If we are performing for an older crowd, we perform our more r&b-like records and if we're performing at a show where there are more teenagers amongst us, we perform our more hip hop-like records. We adapt to the environment we're in.