Ylang Dog Riot

Ylang Dog Riot


Female fronted UK rock band with a fine line in anthemic sing alongs. Think Incubus, Think Skunk Anansie, Think YLANG DOG RIOT


Imagine, if you will?

A long walk home, It’s been a good night. Drinks of your choosing, couple of decent bands, DJ’s played your favourite tunes.

You’re halfway home, wishing you’d not had that last drink so you coulda caught a cab, dreading the moment you have to walk past the chav infested allyway, the long, dark, highway to hell, inhabited by the “trackie bottoms in socks” brigade, but, tonight is different. There is an unfamiliar sound emanating from the heart the darkness.

As you move into a clearer view, a glorious sight greets your tired eyes. For within that allyway Skunk Anansie & Incubus are kicking ASS!!!!!

And the sound that accompanies this momentous vision?


WE, are Ylang Dog Riot. That's right. YLANG DOG RIOT.
We know it's odd, but, you'll grow to love. And don't ask us where it came from. We aren't telling.

With our fresh line up and new sound, we've just recorded our debut single, set for release on 5th May.
If you wanna know anything, just ask. We answer ALL enquiries personally and quickly.
We is gonna rock your world like Jesus never could.

"We Are The Music Makers. We Are The Dreamers Of The Dream".
Willy Wonka 1971


With Her - released on 5th May 2008
Are You? - released on 30th June 2008

Set List

Band can perform up to 1 hours original material. No more by order of the management. No covers will be played with the exception of one special track reserved ONLY for encores.