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Your Mom's Favorite

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Your Mom's Favorite is the reason why you love hip hop. We're two mc's who love and make real music. We're fresh and honest, and believe we have our own style. If the music sounds good to us, we're confident you'll enjoy it. We are YMF, like it , love it, gotta have it!


Your Mom's Favorite (YMF) has been bringing back the REAL HIP HOP since 2002, when !Delliks and DUIvan first collaborated. With DUIvan's unique production and flashy words and the skillful wordplay of lyricist !Delliks, there's no reason why you wouldn't love YMF. They are constantly striving to create songs that are true to their hearts, while also providing the masses with a little something to shake to. Both artists have been involved with the indie music scene in Miami, performing at local bars and clubs. Their experience and presence on the stage makes for a great show every time. Their debut to the world is "Heavy Flow EP, Vol. 1", which a teaser to their first full length album.


Hit me w/ a txt

Written By: Your Mom's Favorite

3rd verse (text abbreviations):

What it is? You thought we wouldn't 'brb' ? / 'Pls' YMF is here to 'kit' / with all our 'ppl', we hope to make you well / from doing 'nm' to 'rotfl' / so 'idk', what you say we be 'bff' / 'esp' if your 'gf's' are 'dtf' / 'cuz the xox's need a 'thx' / 'til we 'gg' to whatever sesh is next!


"Heavy Flow EP, Vol. 1" (2009 teaser album)

Singles: "Hit me w/ a txt"