YMI is a 3 piece hard-edged rock act comprised of five key elements... Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, Lyrics and Energy!



When asked, “What does YMI stand for?” lead singer/bassist Baris Adil grins and says, “Not telling…”

What we do know is YMI is a three-dude hard-edged alt-rock band comprised of these key elements: harmony, melody, rhythm, lyrical content and energy. Citing Hendrix to Morrissey to Van Halen as influences, YMI strives to create a sound that screams originality. The band started to take shape in an early-’90s voc-tech high school in Baltimore, where Baris became tight with guitarist Johnnie Page. The two were YMI, determined to build a following without bending to the cover-band demand local club owners swore by.

By mid-’90, they had released YMI’s first studio EP, Uninvited Welcome, marking the start of a strong local fan base. But, a year later, Johnnie and Baris bitterly parted ways. “I had always envisioned me and Johnnie as musical soul mates, and this tore me apart,” Baris admits. Four years passed before they met up again. “Johnnie approached me at a bar. I had told myself I would never play with him again, but I was missing something in my life.”

And so they resumed fulfilling their high-school rock-band dream. But this time around, they were different. They were focused. They were centered. They had matured. And they meticulously weeded through the hundreds of songs they’d written together. “This was a drawn-out process. We had to find our niche again,” Baris explains.

Johnnie and Baris briefly collaborated with Delaware-based Krome before meeting up with Tony Koch, a drummer who shared YMI’s no-covers philosophy. It all came together at a company bull roast for the Mars grocery store chain, where Johnnie and Tony both worked full-time. Over pit beef and beer, YMI had discovered its missing link. “Tony is fuckin’ awesome,” Baris boasts. “He’s like our socialite. Everyone knows Tony. Tony is an invaluable part of YMI, and I’m so glad we found him.”

YMI has kicked off a buzz that is snowballing on the music scene. The three committed band mates spent their summer in the studio cutting a debut CD The Otherside. It’s release in November 2005 marked the start of a unique sound that would permeate the scene. Along with the help of Space 380 promotions YMI is hitting the college radio market hard and plan to make a jump to commerical radio after a 12 week college campaign.

For up to date info or to check out the Check it out at ymi3.com.


Lost Not Found

Written By: B. Adil & J. Page

Lost Not Found
© 2002, B.Adil

Looking around
To find my support
All I find is
Doubt and confusion

Sayin my life
Is filled with love
It is all
Just an illusion

I am alone
A vagrant soul
Passin me off
As renouned

I’d slip into
The square peg
Called life but all I am
Is just round

So I take another breath
And turn it around

Watchin the world
Spinning around
Watchin the world pass by

All my friends are
Lost not found
All my friends are a lie

Ohhh yeah (soft)

Pretending not
To care about me
My self center self
Comes out

Lookin out
into the sea
Remind my self
Not to pout

So I take another breath
And turn it around


No Where To Go

Written By: B. Adil

From the snow covered ground
It’s a freaky point of view.
Looking down the barrel of a gun
You know what you can’t do.

You’re in a room
Where the walls have no eyes
Only ears to listen
To the chocolate covered lies.

With No Where To Go

You look at me
From the corner of that room
Pointing fingers Pressure points
You know you must leave soon.

You always hear
Two disagreeing sides
Only to choose
The fuckin chocolate covered lies

Here we go again
My undecided
Uninvited friend
With No Where To Go!

Here it is again
My unelected
Unrespected Man
With No Where To Go!

From the snow covered ground
You know just what to do.
Lookin at the barrel again
And all eyes on you

Start to heed
And without thinking twice
Grabbed the gun and pulled it down
Got you right between the eyes

Here it is again
My unelected
Unrespected Man

No Where To Go! No Where To Go!

Fed up

Written By: © 1997, B.Adil

Touchin my soul
Touchin my fingers
Ignorance is bliss
Wouldn’t it figure

Hiding the feelings
Now trapped inside
I’m really fed up
With all of the lies

I won’t tell
No I won’t tell

Turn down the volume
Turn up the noise
I don’t wanna hear
From your boys

Take me to heaven
Drag me through hell
Do what you want
I won’t tell
I won’t tell
I won’t tell

Holding my hands
Now look at the ceiling
Time will tell
And do the healing

Hiding the feelings
Now trapped inside
I’m really fed up
With all of the lies


(Last refrain)
Turn down the volume
Turn up the noise
I don’t wanna hear
From your boys

Take me to heaven
Drag me through hell
Do what you want
I won’t tell
I won’t tell
I won’t tell

I won’t tell…

cause I’m fed up


EP - Uninvited Welcome (out of print)
Debut Album - The Otherside

Currently The Otherside is being played on the top 300 CMJ reporting stations. In the first week of the promotion YMI received five TOP 5 CMJ adds and charted in the TOP 30 in two markets.

Samples of the album and a live version of Creepin can be heard on www.ymi3.com/songs.htm

Set List

Typical set list contain a mix of originals and covers depending on the number of sets required for the show. A typical set is approximately 45 min. YMI can currently perform two 45 minute sets and is working on their third 45 minute set.

Originals include:
Lost Not Found
Fed Up
Nowhere To Go
The Otherside
Book In Hand
The Ring
On The Edge
Use My Hand
Where you Lay
Hiding Out
Broadway Lights
Heaven or Hell
Faceless Face

Covers that are done in the style of YMI include but not limited

Jessies Girl (Rick Springfeild)
Unglued (STP)
Sedated (Ramones)
Hungry like a wolf (Duran Duran)
Wild World (Cat Stevens)
Fortunate Son (CCR)
Rape Me (Nirvana)
Why Go (Pearl Jam)
Sweet and tender hooligan (The Smiths)
Life by the Drop (Stevie Ray Van)