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Yngve - Tell Men This
For Release Sept 2008
01. Innocence
02. The Gondola Song
03. Leather Book
04. Little Boy
05. Keep On Calling Me
06. Middle Child Syndrome
07. Highs and Lows
08. (Sing a) Protest Song
08. Tell Men This
09. I Like Vanilla Better
10. Build A Spark

Live @ Radio City
Limited Home Release 2006
01. (Sing a) Protest Song
02. Credit When It's Due
03. Little Boy
04. Innocence
05. Leather Book

Yngve : Four Weeks
PSTT001 (Posttone Records) 2005
01. Snow in the East
02. Good Times are the Hardest to Understand
03. Easier for You
04. Beauty Queen
05. Space to be Yourself

Live @ Barry's EP
Limited Home Release 2004
01. Always Trying to Please
02. How hard can it be?
03. Soul Operator
04. Beauty Queen
05. Make Mistakes



"...shades of early Bright Eyes and David Kitt...manages to draw the listener in with his wistful vocals and stripped back guitar hooks."

Steve Cummins

"… has 'radio air-play' written all over it and could well be one to look out for"

"Light and airy, sad without being maudlin, rockin' drums and lifting guitars, this is good stuff from a young musician just starting out."

Orla Murphy
The Scene

"Blues blood flows through Yngve's veins"

Robert Cullen
Sligo Weekender

The responses to Yngve’s fledgling offering (‘Four Weeks’) may lead one to believe that he is easily categorisable, however this distinctive new voice is blazing his own trail.

Yngve is a German-born, North Sligo-raised guitarist, who set out on his musical journey at an early age. Inspired by his father (a German blues musician) and living an organic lifestyle, his origins have been fundamental in bringing him to his own country; a place which bridges the gaps between the diverse territories of musical tradition; Sligo, via Nashville! Along the way, he has played support to such luminaries as Paul Weller, Jape, Ollie Cole, Katell Keineg as well as being a regular on Sligo and Dublin stages; he produced his own debut e.p in 2005. ‘Four weeks’, tracks from which were featured on various RTE productions including Fair City. Yngve never fails to leave his audience enthused and wondering ‘what next’?

Yngve’s determination to forge his own sound and methods is evident from his new release. His debut album ‘Middle Child Syndrome’ melds the best of folk, blues, country, and (dare I say it) pop. One gets the feeling that its not going to be his final resting place, but for now, Yngve creates exceptional tunes which resonate of his blues background, his soulful lyrics are delivered in his unique raspy tones, at once soft and crooning and at times, strident and gleeful.

The new album was recorded with his band the ‘Space To Be Yourself’ Project; a concept which encourages an experimental approach, whereby musicians freely contribute to the creations. This endeavour has drawn together a a talented motley crew of musicians, writers, artists and singers; on his debut album the individual sparks light up this creative cauldron, producing some arrangements which are simply beautiful.

What of the songs? Well, the clear imprint of the blues is present, with some simple melodies and wistful lyrics painted on; skilfully employed steel guitars are accompanied by some haunting pianos and violins, all acting as a backdrop to the sweet, delicate harmonies.

Themes of childhood innocence, love, and loss of both are evident throughout the tracks. The faint aroma of melancholia lingers...and at times Yngve seems like a very young ‘old soul’. He can be quite introspective, and occasionally cynical, but despite the thread of loss running through the songs, we are left with essentially uplifting melodies which warm the soul; firelight from a dark hearth. At his best, Yngve’s rousing refrains are cheering. The ghosts of the honeyed country tones have lodged in the back of my brain, and days later, they are still loitering…

As he ponders ‘Ambitious plans, with delicious ends, if everything should fall into place’. ( Middle Child Syndrome)… there can be no doubt that the ‘everything’ he is thinking about will indeed fall into its rightful place.