Ynot Nosnibor

Ynot Nosnibor

 Dover, Delaware, USA

Soulful solo electric guitar basking in the epic sounds of World music, fueled by a Rock & Roll fire and jamming improvisation.


Ynot Nosnibor is 1 man... with 1 massive sound. His live energy has been compared to that of Joe Satriani with the compositional justice of Yanni. Since 2006, the composer, author and now instrumental solo artist, Ynot Nosnibor continues to carve his beautiful vision of freedom in the music world.

With three album releases under his belt, Ynot Nosnibor has staged his music under the name of several different bands and tasted the flavor of being signed to a major-independent record label. Taking control over his own destiny, the artist struck out on his own in 2009 after the release of the electronic/vocal driven album "Explode".

Returning to his roots of instrumental world music, 2010 brought with it the release of his latest album "My Heart's Rise" as well as the companion book "Inspirations Behind the Music". The album reached the Top 50 on the SoundClick World Fusion charts in March 2010 and contiues to keep fans jamming at his live shows.

Today Ynot Nosnibor lead his charge with his Fender Strat in hand and his epic music at his back.


New Life (CD, Grey Fox Records, 2006)
Explode (CD, Tate Music Group, 2009)
My Heart's Rise (CD, 3P2T 2010)