YofiYah: Kabbalah Kirtan

YofiYah: Kabbalah Kirtan

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YofiYah brings you KABBALAH KIRTAN: Inspiring call and response singing of powerful Hebrew text and names of God infused with intoxicating live music--an exotic blend of voice, harmonium, and drums. Trancey grooves and sensual sounds from the Middle East and India open the deep mystery of Kabbalah.


In Kabbalah Kirtan we are calling to the Divine (G-d).
A new form of prayer, Kabbalah Kirtan is a new expression of Jewish spirituality, offering to everyone what was once reserved for mystics alone: a direct experience of the presence of God. Kabbalah Kirtan is the intense devotional chanting of Hebrew texts, and the Names of God found in the Jewish tradition.

The simplicity of the words and the hypnotic energy of the music, transform Kabbalah Kirtan into a pathway of opening your heart.

When they come together to chant with YofiYah, Men and Women both begin to let the rhythm and words carry them to a feeling of oneness regardless of their level of Hebrew fluency and religious training and background.

• Benefit to those who attend the live events
Kabbalah Kirtan is the practice of calling out to God. As the intensity of our calling grows, a feeling of deep community emerges and we enter into a vibrational harmony with All that Is. We are enveloped in a mystical union marked by deep joy and even ecstasy, expressing a sense of Oneness and unity with all in All.

• The buzz is spreading by word of mouth--interest is growing in North America and Israel, with individuals, organizations and retailers requesting CDs and live events.

Who is YofiYah?

A vocal visionary and originator of Kabbalah Kirtan, Yofiyah is known for her dynamic style of chanting, and ability to engage people in the intensity and joy of kirtan. Yofiyah offers you a powerful, direct, and personally transformative entry to this ecstatic spiritual practice based on the chanting of sacred Hebrew texts and Names of God. Susan's latest CD is titled "Kiss the Beloved: Kabbalah Kirtan" (2004).

Yofiyah is also the creator of Vocal Discovery, a unique method for personal transformation and community building, using the power of sound and song; and the Tone Deaf Choir, helping self-defined non-singers learn to sing. A leader in the international Music for People organization, she uses her skills as a voice teacher, artist, and improvisational musician to create a safe, welcoming, and spiritually challenging environment for finding and freeing your authentic voice.

Why she does it:

Q: It is interesting that you are combining creative work with spirituality. What inspires you to do this, and why is this important?

A: I believe spiritual beauty lives within every person and can be expressed through music...every person is innately musical! My work empowers people to feel musically free and have a spontaneous experience of the divine spark of creativity within. My method uses music improvisation in a fun and accessible way that allows any combination of people and instruments to make music together regardless of their skill. The intimacy engendered by this process creates a feeling of community that goes beyond words. That communal connection is the foundation for a Jewish spiritual experience.

Q: How did you come to be called Yofiyah?

A: After an evening of kirtan, wishing to bless my work, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of Jewish Renewal, asked me for my Hebrew name. Discovering I didn’t have one, he closed his eyes for a few moments in prayer, then opened them and announced to me and the others assembled, “your name is now Yofiyah, Beautiful Mouth of God”.


Kiss the Beloved: Kabbalistic Kirtan

Set List

2 hours of call and response chanting: a powerful interactive experience that opens the heart to All that Is.