Yogesh - songwriter, singer

Yogesh - songwriter, singer


Yogesh has an unusual blend of western and eastern music. The most befitting name to their type of music would be - WORLD MUSIC. Yogesh, a trained Indian classical singer blends western pop and modern Indian thinking into his songs - romance and influences from world events.


Yogesh lived for a significant part in United States (Newport, Rhode Island and Charlotte, North Carolina); now lives in New Delhi, India.

He has sung for concerts in USA and India for last 20 years and has now turned pro with recording of his first hindi pop album in which the basis is fusion of western and hindustani light classical music -accentuated by soulful class lyrics - quite in the mold of 1970's and '80s when lyrics and melody ruled.
Besides romance, Yogi's compositions have touched non-conventional subjects like global catastrophes such as Tsunami, Katrina, Kashmir, Mumbai bomb blasts, terrorism which fire his imagination and can touch you deep.

Yogesh has recorded a pop hindi music album which has his own lyrics, music and singing. However, the quality and subjects being much towards Indian movies, he is opening up to production houses for release of the songs.

The album exemplifies Yogi as a romantic and seems biographical in parts, although mostly it is a figment of imagination, as he claims!

Yogi is a poet who writes in Hindi and in English.

Yogi will compose for your album or movie as well.


Nature's Song

Written By: Yogi Mathur

Nature’s song
by Yogi Mathur

When I was a boy and the world was a toy
As were the stars, the sun and the moon
I would look at the sky and jump up with joy
When I saw the rain clouds loom

When I was young, I would laze in the sun,
Till the tide would come on to my toes;
The sea was my friend and I saw no end
To the days I had forever known

In my quest to earn, I still wanted some fun,
So I signed on a ship and left home
There was some fun, but there was work to be done
And I struggled until the Captain spoke

He said son…

When all is well and there’s no swell
You can dance and drink and feel warm
But you gotta cool your ass on the deck
On the day you get hit by a storm

On an isle by the bay, I came on vacation
With my mate for life and our son
The ocean was blue, but before we knew
It was like a wall that blocked the sun

The wind blew past at the speed of light
Everything was hazy, it was a deathly sight
Then I heard a shriek, but couldn’t speak
‘cause something knocked me down and out

I woke up in the green, but there were no trees
No mate, no son, not a soul
And through it all, I heard a voice,
It was the nature with its mocking tone

It said…

When all is well and there’s no swell
You can dance and drink and feel warm
But you gotta cool your ass on the deck
On the day you get hit by a storm

Dancing in the rain

Written By: Yogi Mathur

(written for my daughter who turns teenager next month December 2005)

There is something in the air today
There’s a certain feeling inside me today

But I don’t know what I’m thinkin’ of
And I don’t know what I’m waitin’ for
The raindrops just keep falling on
I’m just gonna let my hair down

And nothing’s gonna stop me today
Nothing’ gonna stop me today…
From dancing in the rain

Dancing in the rain….. (3)
Dancing in the rain

La la la ............
Nothing’s gonna stop me today. . .
From dancing in the rain

My mama says I should go to school
And my daddy says I shouldn’t break the rule
My friends say I am just a fool
To keep dreaming my life away

But I know that there is someone out there
And one day I will fi….nd out where

And I think that’s-the-reason why
I am dancing in the rain

Dancing in the rain… (3)
Dancing in the rain.

Dream of despair - (HINDI SONG)

Written By: Yogesh

Maine dekha aaj sapna © copyright ROC, India

Maine Dekha aaj sapna……
Gumshuda insaan hai..
Na pashu, pakshi ya paudhe
Bas raha, haiwan hai….

Aag mein hai jal chuka,
Khilta kabhi tha jo chaman
Har taraf hahakar hai
Par koi na aawaz hai

Gaadiyaan hain beshumaar
Par koi raha chalta nahin
Hain dhamake har jagah
Par koi bhi marta nahin

Shauq haiwan ka hawas
Par chaah hi usmen nahin
Qaid uske jism ke
Bheetar jigar barbaad hai

Aansuon ki dhar se
Behte the jharne jo kabhi
Bhaavna jab se mari
Patthar hi patthar aaj hain

Maine dekha aaj sapna
Gumshuda insaan hai……


All songs and lyrics are copright from Registrar of Copyrights, Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India.

Lyrics for two of their most recent entries in songwriting competitions can be seen in the EPK.

'Nature's Song' is based on the artists' life on board merchant ships, and imagination of disasters like Tsunami and Katrina.

'Dancing in the rain' was written FOR HIS DAUGHTER AND WAS an entry for American Amateur Lyrics & songwriting competition 2005/2006January/February 2006.