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"Yo Jesse"

Crush Proof Box

"Digitally enhanced tribal dance music" is how the New Jersey clan describe themselves.Whilst the description is apt, it actually does them a disservice.On this, the pick of the tracks available on the link below they glide (and never 'lurch') seamlessly from metronomic tribal rhythms to keyboard-glissando lullaby in the time it takes to go "so that's what 'eclectic' means!" I'd say they could turn their hands to anything, but in the space of these four minutes, perhaps they already have? With drive and ambition like this though, I doubt it. Ace.

Rory McNamaram, taking notes magazine - Taking Notes Magazine

"Yo Jesse Featured Artist"

Yo Jesse- Featured Artist
Listening to:Yo Jesse - Sounds

Welcome to our 4th Featured Artist, Yo Jesse. Yo Jesse is a three person band from Jersey, and the has trippiest sound I've ever heard come out of Jersey. Sarah, Dan, and Jesse formed together in the 9th month of 2003, joining together their similiar interests of music that include playing, writing, and influence. Thru it all Yo Jesse makes it one of their main goals to find originality in their music. They play quite a wide and unusual arrange of instruments including the djembe, a sampler, turntables, dumbek, durbakka, glokenspeil, microwaves (yes, microwaves), flute, recorder, udu and vocals, and the guitar. And these are just some of the instruments that the group plays. These three members create an entourage of sounds that compliment each other beautifully. Be sure to listen to ALL of their songs on Yo Jesse's MySpace, they all are equally awesome to listen too. In playing all of these instruments, giving a live performance by switching around between these various instruments certainly makes their live shows a must see! Yo Jesse's music has been described as "digitally enhanced tribal dance music." We agree. Yo Jesse is bound to go far, their sound gives them wings to fly over the traditional sounds of music and discover new ones that have yet to be encroached upon, and we look forward to hearing their every step. Yo Jesse! Play on, play on. Here's a interview that we acquired with this energetic, tripped out, beautifully sounding band, Sarah speaking on behalf of the group. Enjoy! Make sure to check them out live should you ever have Yo Jesse play in your area!

HT: Hello! Thanks so much for granting this interview on such short notice, it is most appreciated.
YJ: Sure, it's not a problem at all. What would you like to ask first?
HT: I'd like to start off by asking how long have you been a musician, how long has the band been playing?
YJ: Well I have been playing since I was twelve...so ten years. As a band we have been playing since 2002-2003 and we've had some members come and go but now it's a steady set with me, Dan & Jesse.
HT: What and/or who inspires you, the band, your souls? What is your view on what your mission is as a group?
YJ: Our goal, our mission, is to inspire creativity in other people.
HT: how do you think American music compares to European music?
YJ: I think that we belong in Europe, away from this Emo Punk Rock crap.
HT: Right on, let me know when you are going, we'll take a plane together. Another question along the same lines, what directon do you feel modern music has taken today and do you think it is a good direction? If not, where would you like to see it go next?
YJ: I think it's a horrible direction, people are taking over the music business & making it about how much money you can make and using autotone instead of making it about originality. "They" want people to listen to this factory produced bullshit, they shove it down our throats, expect us to accept it, and that's all you hear on the radio. No independence, nothing original or new on the radio. Just repeated, regurgitated crap. We are trying to create our own music and not get stuck by any type of standard.
HT: On a different topic, let me ask you this. Out of all the musicians there have ever been, who would you like to meet? Why?
YJ: I'd like to meet Thom York & Keller Williams. Thom York because I listen to his music all of the time, Keller Williams because I would like to sit down and have a nasty ass jam with him.
HT: What would you ask them?
YJ: Thom - Let's mate. Keller - Let's play some fuckin music.
HT: Awesome, tell me Sarah, what is on your current playlist? Who are you listening to right now?
YJ: Glad you asked, I'm listening to Thom York of course, along with Ratatat, Keller, Death Cab, and Tortoise.
HT: Where would you like to take your music? What are your musical goals?
YJ: I would like to take our music to a place where masses of people will move their bodies.
HT: What would you like to tell the public about your songs?
YJ: To listen to them all the way through & try to appreciate all the hard work we put into creating them, come out to the shows, drink some drinks, maybe smoke a fatty, anad have a good time.
HT: Right on, count me there. Time for a fatty right now if you ask me. Been listen to your music for the past few days, can't seem to get it out of my head. I must say that I'm really fascinated with it. Everyone should really listen to Yo Jesse, even if it's not your style, check them out!! Okay, so what sounds good to you on the radio? Anything?
YJ: The radio sucks. It's fun by like ten people throughout the US, they bought out all the radio stations and make it so hard for independant artists, like ourselves, to get played on the air. The chances of us getting played are slim to none because we don't really fit into a specific category. I personally don't listen to the radio, if I do at all it's Classic - Youtube

"Yo Jesse"

Yo Jesse is an entirely different electronica from The Narcissus Effect. Although, I think they'd do a GREAT collaboration. But that's just me. "Crush Proof Box" is an upbeat psychedelic dream. With light sounds and airy beats, it keeps you tapping your toe. "Hubris" is another great song from Yo Jesse. There classic sound and upbeat vibe are two great reasons to check out this up and coming band. Great job guys! -phantom music reviews
http://www.myspace.com/pmusicr - Phantom Music Reviews


2003- Sounds Built by Supressing Commonalitys, 5 song demo
2004- The Collection (collection of 21 demos we recorded over the previous 2 years as a band)

We have four songs off our unfinished record that have internet airplay-
Crush Proof Box
Sounds Built
Amongst These Dying Trees
The stations are-
Rear Window Radio- (http://www.myspace.com/rearwindowproductions)
The Global Fink Sessions- (http://www.myspace.com/globalfinksessions)
Bub Music Radio- (http://www.myspace.com/bubradio)
The Andrew Beale show
(http://www.myspace.com/andrewbeale )
The Charlie Naeback Show-


Feeling a bit camera shy


Yo Jesse formed in 2002, We met at Five Towns College in Long Island. The first time we played together, we clicked. It was an immediate realization that these musicians were meant to meet and were meant to create music together. We had very unique sound, something different and new, a far cry from anything that was going on in music at the time. The Creativity was infectious, in fact as a band, we say our goal is to inspire people to be more creative. Our music is a mix between many genres, every song has a different feel. Some genres include, ambient, ethnic, experimental, acoustic, rock and electronic. We have a lot of electronic based songs that we add world percussion to in order to mix the electric sound with an organic feel. We have two singers, Sarah and Jesse, who take turns on lead vocals and sing harmony together. We have recorded two demos and have been working on our full length "The Third Rotation" under our producer, Alan Labiner.