If you were to ask Yolanda to categorize her unique sound, she'll smile and say "feelings and emotions". Her goal is to move her audience both mentally and physically. The lyrics provoke thought, the rhythms make you dance, and the voice hypnotizes you to take heed and listen.

This Brooklyn native has been singing since the age of four. She wrote her first song when she was only five years old. Her influences are like that of a musical melting pot. Stevie Wonder, D.J. Rogers, George Benson, Al Jaurreau, Earth, Wind and Fire,
Donny Hathaway and Ella Fitzgerald. She believes that music is the canvas, lyrics are the paint, the vocal interpretation is the paintbrush, and together they create a masterpiece.

To further enhance her musical talents, she added the brilliant colors of gospel music to her palette. In her stint as choir director of popular gospel choir L.A. Joy she's worked with such artists as: Tata Vega, Billy Preston, Mavis Staples, Allyson Williams, Linda Hopkins, Howard Hewitt and Dougie Fresh. If that isn't enough Yolanda has worked with Jamie Foxx, Tupac, Norman Brown, Marc Nelson, Mark Gordon of Levert, Cypress Hill, For Real and on countless movie soundtracks.

Yolanda comes from a family of singers and musicians. Most notable The Gap Band. Both of her parents are gifted in the art form of music. Yolanda says "Man all I remember as a child growing up was going to bed listening to my fathers band and waking up hearing my father's band. I LOVED it! Music courses through my veins." From an early age Yolanda set off to heal the world. Her mother recalls many times Yolanda gravitated towards a hurting soul whether she knew them or not. She just wanted to make it better. She took notice of how music affects peoples lives. It makes them
reminisce. It takes away pain, it uplifts, it's calming………it heals. She knew what she wanted to do. What she was called to do. The rest is HERstory. 'Nuff said.


Sweet Yesterday.

Set List

Empty Promises
Rain (Yolanda's Original)
Rain (SWV)
Individual (Yolanda's new single to be released in May '05)

Set last for 30-45 minutes whatever is discussed the show is tailored to meet.

If expressed I can add more cover tunes.