rock from below the border, inspired by common vice and love for high decibel over exposure. songs that go in circles, shift to the side, then start thrusting till its all over the walls...


yo!linares is from monterrey, mexico. crapped from previous punk, synth rock, garage bands, we jam to an instrumental noise that spins and turns. got em DIY recordings, stuck it in a cassette, just to show we care. no interest other than plugging in and playing loud.


No te mames (EP, 2007)
Garage Live Recordings (2008)
Happy Fi - Coyote Nights Compilacion 5 (2009)
La yoli en casset (2009)

Set List

1 bienaventurados
2 tamara
3 e un caralho
4 no tocan
5 cocktail
6 obrigado vocĂȘ
7 mario
8 unos amigos, unos vatos, unos weyes
9 corazaon
10 quitate
11 como se llama
12 baladita roo