BandHip Hop

The buzz is undeniable. With 3 original albums released, coverage on MTV, support from renowned hip-hop producer Just Blaze, and a Billboard Songwriting Award, Yonas is the next big thing.


Emerging out of New York City, meet YONAS and meet the future of hip hop! In an endless night sky of up-and-coming stars, YONAS shines with an intensity that makes you take notice. By preserving the need for quality in music, YONAS attracts and influences fans- as well as other artists- to follow his vision worldwide.


YONAS currently has two albums out, "The Proven Theory," and "I am us."

Set List

Fall Back
I Could
Shy Kidz
Nobody Else
I Could
Ya'll Know
One Message
Stand Out
We Fly
Radio Flow