Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

YONI is a rare fusion of innovative songwriting, poignant lyricism, and powerful stage performance, melding Hip Hop, Soul, and Spoken Word with rich, layered production and tasteful live instrument looping.


TOURED WITH: Matisyahu, Sage Francis, 311, P.O.S. Doomtree, Pigeon John, the Suicide Kings, Dirty Headz...

SHARED STAGES WITH: Atmosphere, Eyedea + Abilities, Kool Kieth, Lyrics Born, Odd Jobs, Medeski, Martin + Wood, Arrested Development, Rebirth Brass Band, Wookiefoot, the Big Wu....

PERFORMED AT: Untiy Tour 2007 (20 shows as guest MC with Matisyahu), Austin City Limits Festival, Twin Cities Festival of Hip Hop, Hip Hop + Harmony Festival, Harvest Fest, Big Wu Family Reunion, Project Earth Festival, Wakarusa Festival, Wham Bam Thank You Jam, Juliapalooza...


"Now That's What I Call Copyright Infringement EP" 2005

"Live At Scharbeek EP" 2006

"Hug Life Mixtape" 2007

"Family Portrait LP" currently being shopped

Guest MC on song "Beatbox" from Matisyahu's Gold- Selling Debut "Live At Stubb's"

Set List

30-75 minute sets

Upbeat, diverse, dance friendly songs 3-5 minutes in length

All original music and lyrics

Rapping, singing, and instrumental grooves