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Yoni Gordon and The Goods‘ latest album ‘Turning Chaos Into A Career‘ has had me returning for repeated listens above and beyond the call of duty. The passionate frontman and his gang showcase a comprehensive set of songs and an album that doesn’t lag at any stage...the album has grown on me and could merit a surprise inclusion on my Best Of 2009 list - Cougar Microbes Blog

"Yoni Gordon"

yoni gordon seems to be a man on a mission, whatever that mission may be i haven’t the faintest. judging by his brand of ted leo/billy bragg inspired pop/punk rock he is destined to get that chicken, but he needs your help! one thing i dig about this dude and his musicis that it seems honest and sincere. like he maybe singing for his life or at least a big mac. he reminds me of a young rocky, in his under dog, kid from philly days. all he needs is his mickey to be screaming from offstage “you’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!” or something like that. - Captain's Dead Blog

"From review of "Buried in the Basement""

“Yoni Gordon is Boston’s own guitar-toting version of the Energizer Bunny on a live-wire power trip” – C.D. DiGuardia, Northeast Performer
- Northeast Performer

"MP3 of the Week"

“here comes Yoni Gordon with an album's worth of songs that're twice as smart as they need to be and catchier than the clap. "Buried in the Basement" sounds like someone welded the gilded cynicism/postgrad pop smarts of Elvis Costello to Jeff Mangum's bleeding heart” – Carli Carioli, Boston Phoenix MP3 of the Week - Boston Phoenix

"Review of "Buried in the Basment""

Yoni Gordon and The Goods have solidly nailed what so many bands have been missing for years: the right balance between pop and punk. Buried in the Basement (2007-Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts) brings the fast-paced rock breakdowns, pumping bass lines and party vibe of punk to the hooky choruses and delightfully catchy melodies of pop, mixing them together in the most joyous of ways.” – Becky Firesheets, Knocks from the Underground
- Knocks from the Underground


The Hard Way(2012)

Country for the Timid(2010)

Turning Chaos Into a Career(2009)

Buried in the Basement(2007)

A Stunning Tribute To Your Youth EP(2007)

I Sing the Hollow Body Electric(2005)

Don't You Have Something
Better to Do With Yourself (2001)



Somewhere between the sweaty, swagger of soul music, and the heart and humor of a folk troubadour is Yoni Gordon. Someone said it best when they compared him to “Roy Orbison, Tom Waits and Jonathan Richman taking a road trip together through the southwest.” Sounds pretty good, right?
Yoni Gordon is a practitioner of the long forgotten art of SHOWMANSHIP. Right now there are hundreds, NO thousands of musicians out there playing music, but Yoni Gordon is out there putting on a SHOW. If he needs to get down on bended knee and preach, HE WILL; if he needs to play his guitar behind his head(and play it better than most kids can play in front of their heads), HE WILL; if he needs to take requests from the crowd, covering everything from Usher to Weird Al and back, HE WILL. Whether he is playing in a bar or a basement or an ice cream parlor, he is the best show in town. And he is here, now, playing in your city. Go see him for God’s sake. You won’t be sorry.